Wensday January 14 2009-morning:at school.

Okay, the other night i was listening to my mp3 player and playing kingdom hearts. a couple songs came on and i instantly thought that those songs are perfect for the game. I also thought that some other songs are good for the game, or if somebody wants to make an AMV for the game, then they could use a song from this list. These are good songs.
Listen to your heart(techno)-DHT
Somewhere i belong-Linkin Park
Nobody's listening-Linkin Park
bomba it-Black Eyed Peas
(This is) How YOu Remind Me-Nickleback
Scars-Papa Roach
When it rains-Paramore
Misery Buisiness-Paramore
Beutiful Soul-Jesse McCartney
Born for this-Paramore
My Heart-Paramore
If everyone cared-Nickleback
Truly, Madly, Deeply-Cascada
Everytime we touch(club mix)-Cascada
Venus Doom-HIM
We're all in this together-high school musical(i only like the firt movie)
I don't want to be in love-Good charlotte
Easy Breezy-Utada Hikaru
Exodus '04-Utada Hikaru
You make me want to be a man-Utada Hikary
Thanks for the memories-Fall Out Boy
The Great Escape-BoysLikeGirls
Viva La Vida-Coldplay
Start all over-Miley Cyrus
See you again-Miley Cyrus
ano 3000-Jonas Brothers

Sorry if i misspelled anything. I'll add mais songs later.

Wensday january 14 2009-lunch

Here are some mais songs:
Smooth Criminal-Alien Ant Farm
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
We will rock you-Queen
We are the champions-Queen
Tell her-Jesse McCartney
Just so you know-Jesse McCartney
Behind these Hazel eyes-Kelly Clarkson
gótico Angel-Avril Lavinge and Evanesance
Numb-Linkin Park
Girls Night Out(GNO)-Miley Cyrus

Febuary 11 2009-lunch

up, up, up-red falcons
bad boy-cascada
sk8er boi-cascada
everytime we touch(club mix)-cascada

Areason why any cascada song would be good for this game is because they're música is kind of techno-y.

hotel lobby-utada hikaru
kremlin dusk-utada hikaru
breakout-miley cyrus
all we know-paramore
i caught myself-paramore

I'll add mais as i hearr them. wheather they're requets for the lists, or if i hear them n the rado or internet.