King Mickey was walking in the realm of darkness, destroying every dusk and shadow that slithered in his path. When suddenly, Organization 13 surrounded King Mickey. Axel said, "Walking in the realm of darkness alone? Kinda, dangerous, isn't it? I mean guys like us could pop up anywhere, and then what, your Majesty?" The King didn't reply, instead he summoned his keyblade and expected trouble.
"Oh! Look Demyx!" Axel said, "he's expecting trouble. Well, he guessed right huh?" Demyx whined, "Why did you have to call on me? You know I don't like violence!" Axel replied, "Exactly. Anyway, your Majesty, we were sent por Xemnas. He wants to talk to you." The King replied, "Oh, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, fellas, but I'm afraid, I'm not available right now."
"Oh is that so?" Xigbar said, "Well then we're just gonna have to clear your schedule for you. Huhhuh. Grab him!" They rushed him from all corners, surrounding him. The King thrusted and jumped, spinned and leaped; hacking from all corners. They just couldn't seem to get a hold of him; he was to quick. It continued like this for a long while, and the King was exhausted! Axel shouted, "We got him now! He's getting tired, I can tell!"
Xigbar shouted, "Demyx! Use your sitar to make water clones! THAT should finish him off!" The King leaped at Demyx to stop him, but as soon as he had his back turned, he was knocked out from behind.

Meanwhile, at disney Castle... queen Minnie was watching the scene from Merlin's crystal ball. Minnie really wanted to see her husband, but she wasn't expecting this!
"Sora, Donald, Goofy! Help!!!" Sora, Donald, and Goofy were inside the garden, but they could still hear queen Minnie, because she was wailing so loudly. Sora asked, urgently, "What is it your Majesty? Are you hurt?"
"No...(sob) It's the King, he's been captured por the Organization! They said that Xemnas wanted to talk to him. He was doing excellent in the battle until he had his back turned!!!" Minnie continued, "Please, help him! I fear he's in great danger!"
"The King!?!?! Oh no!! Don't worry, your Majesty, we'll rescue him, no matter what it takes! Come on you two!"


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