Vampire Knight por Matsuri Hino

Yuki cruz goes to a very unusual school. The elite cruz Academy has two groups of students: The human dia school students and the night school students who are vampires. See a perfil of Vampire Knight por Matsuri Hino, plus see fã sites, previews and reviews of this shojo mangá vampire romance series.

* Summary of chapter 69 of Vampire Knight *

                Yuki arrives at the guild and is intimidated because she feels the presence of the former girlfriend of Kaname, she did not feel human. At the moment she crossed the threshold she crosses zero which ignores and leaves because he has a urgent mission to accomplish. Meanwhile, Maria informs her parents of the death of Chief pureblood. Aristocrats, meanwhile, wonder if Kaname has not lost his head as Rido, his "uncle", and what drove him to punish the father Aido. It is then transported to the castelo of pureblood Hanadagi after a person whose identity is unknown, ask the caller if he will capture the clan leader Hanadagi itself or not. This last-talks with his maid declining reputation of pureblood.

                Yuki is at this time being to be interrogated por Kaien Yagari who asks her if she is certain not know where Kaname. She says she does not tell them anything. The two vampire hunters still asking why Kaname did so? What Yuki replies that it is just sure that his brother wants to live with him. This examination proves, in the end, very few successful because it says it can only make assumptions.

                 Kaien said when he will interrogate directly the main person but Yuki says it will and does not want anyone to do it for him. The President then reminded hunters that Yuki hunters spent a peace agreement between vampiros and humans but also with Kaname Kuran with the whole clan. It is that vampiros are in peace with humans and prohibit acts of violence. The hunter went further, adding that Kaname vowed something about the blood of Kuran and that it must also hold. Then he goes on to say that if it loses the support of the aristocracy, another pureblood to seize power. Then he laments explaining to her adopted daughter's disappearance that Kaname is now famous and vampiros as malicious in benefits when the Senate was dismissed éradiqué.Il Yuki saying she can do what she wants here.

                 Zero can be seen briefly during the mission. Then we see Yuki into a room where there is also Aido. She kneels before him and tells him he can go home. She continues por saying that she would rather come here voluntarily but that it is his responsibility and once again, it must request a response to his brother. She then asks Hanabusa kindly wait. Kain's cousin, says he is willing to bet that Yuki will keep his promise. It continues por ensuring that they (hunters) have promised they would. The young nobleman replied that his master and told Yuki that he will go not before wondering why his father agreed. To his obvious distress, the pureblood takes in his arms the great astonishment of level B asked what she did. The bride does Kaname replied: "Nothing."

She feels the smell of blood and then rushed to the entrance where she finds Kaito with a child in her arms seems to hurt emotionally por attacking vampires. Two hunters raise their weapons while on the throat of the princess. This advance still hand to stroke the head of the child, then she sees the memories of the incident of the young victim.

She actually absorbed the memories and trauma of the child in which she saw Zero. She asks, disturbed, which is zero. Finding no answer, she will see and Kaien cruz and admits to having a sensitive issue to ask: do they intend to recreate the night class or something similar?

After a rather negative response, she says she understands but she did not come to this: she wants to have a permission slip. She says she is now a Kuran and since she has responsibilities. Consequently, she wants to kill vampiros who escaped Zero because it always wants peace between vampiros and humans. cruz can not oppose it and grant permission. Yuki thinks that it will Kaname but for now it will do his duty ... !