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The fans pick: katy perry
The fans pick: katy perry
The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: hot n dangerous
hot n dangerous
hot n cold witch one is better
The fans pick: Katy's creative outfits, colorful party
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1 fã answered this question
6 fãs answered this question
6 fãs answered this question
12 fãs answered this question
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xxarianalovexx said …
m Posted over a year ago
xxarianalovexx commented…
haha opps srry 4 posting that computer was atuação up hahaha over a year ago
xxarianalovexx commented…
but hmm i amor both, they both are talented and great singers! but i have to chose kesha because her música is my taste and is the right speed . KESHA IS MY JAM!!! over a year ago
katyperryluv123 said …
Katy Perry is WAY better than Kesha. Posted over a year ago
katyperry200 commented…
how do u change your perfil pic over a year ago
redpanda commented…
They are both equally good we shouldnt fight over who is better over a year ago
redpanda commented…
but if i had to pick one it would be katy over a year ago
Maria1307 said …
Kesha is better than Katy Perry Posted over a year ago