I think nearly 75% of the female population think Kendall Schmidt & Big Time Rush is hot. I am one of those 75% who think they all are hot.Some people do not agree. I think the people who are not a huge fã of Kendall Schmidt & Big Time Rush do have an issue por picking great music, HOT boys, and HOT boys with EVERYTHING great about them!!! I also think that since my brothers and other boys hate BTR & Kendall Schmidt, they are intemidated that very cute boys ages 21-22 can win the hearts of maybe 6-?? ano old girls/ladies. AND boys may think that BTR & Kendall Schmidt do not sing great, act good, and cannot sing but those boys are VERY WRONG!!!! I asked my friend who was a boy if he though BTR was great and he said that they are good. (He is my fave guy friend because of his response.) Then, I asked another one of my guy friends the same pergunta and he said and I quote, " Big Time Rush are good singers but... they cannot act!" I told him that he was wrong. Even though he said BTR were good singers, he still said that they cannot act!! My friend is still my friend but now I call him a girl name because of what he said. I may sound mean about what I call him but, he somehow made the name funny because he is the funny friend in my group of friends. :)