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This keith harkin fotografia contains sala de desenho, sala de manhã, quarto de manhã, assento da janela, and assento na janela. There might also be quarto de família, quarto familiar, sala de estar, sala de estar, sala de retirada, sala, and retirando.

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well guys incase your all wondering what this "Tango's" all about here it goes...

it was a cold winters night....near the big snowy árvore por the Rocky's on the road to Denver. The tunes were swinging out of the bus like it was 1969 and everyone was feeling groovy and well LIT in full tilt....

i took it upon myself to tell the "Sephira" girls.....yeah it would be no problem for me to learn your songs they should be easy enough... (in my confident tipsy voice)....

so all was grand another dia with a nice sore head on the bus....and that was the end of that! ! ! !

ring ring ring........( 8/6/2009)

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