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Katy Perry's wedding dress and veil?  Pzink3 0 2502 over a year ago
Percentage possibility of marrying Katy Perry as her new husband?  Pzink3 0 2140 over a year ago
Tell Me Your Fav Katy Perry Song!  katyperryluv123 11 5239 over a year ago
Are you a Katy Perry Super Fan? Prove It!  itzmikedeezy 0 1967 over a year ago
New Spot Look 2015 - Closed  misanthrope86 29 5559 over a year ago
Monday's Mona Lisa's song  cassietfc 0 1910 over a year ago
katy Perry???  Supercala 0 1288 over a year ago
If you could ask Katy ONE question, what would it be?  princess829 14 2845 over a year ago
What do you think should be the seguinte single(s) from Prism?  E-Scope90 0 1482 over a year ago
02 Arena Weds 28 May 2014 - VIP tickets available  LTB2014 0 1040 over a year ago
Who has got the best Katy Perry - Roar Pic? 1st 20 prizes 2nd 10 prizes 3rd 5 prizes :) enjoy <3  Lois_Styles 1 2048 over a year ago
Katy Perry -- The PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR 2014  JaneMorristar 0 1642 over a year ago
música fãs only  Mermaid1234 0 1305 over a year ago
I wish I could go to a Katy Perry concert!  animallover1 0 1232 over a year ago
Prism  CarissaK_B09 0 1123 over a year ago
Lets count her fãs from 70,296 you ready?????  Lois_Styles 1 1379 over a year ago
ROAR  jordanb 1 1237 over a year ago
katy perry: the insparation  antmFoPorterFan 0 1250 over a year ago
what style of bags are loved por kate perry?  norths3 0 2188 over a year ago
enviar Suggestions for New Spot Look Here!  mcewen_girl 6 2314 over a year ago
tgif  agh03 1 3335 over a year ago
My Fave Katy Perry Songs  Robssesed 1 1727 over a year ago
Katy Perry Is My Inspiration  katyperrylover9 1 1926 over a year ago
Have a Iisten to this!  tomshirm 0 1265 over a year ago
"Wide Awake" Video!  rhiannonoakes 4 2200 over a year ago
Who Wants To See The Katy Perry Movie?  NumberOneFann 6 2321 over a year ago
KATY PERRY'S NEW ALBUM REVIEW  fanrainbowgirl 0 1182 over a year ago
Wide Awake - Katy Perry - Free Sheet música and Backing Tracks  popster23 0 3244 over a year ago
Crazy Katy  august1095 0 1205 over a year ago
MAKE YOUR OWN NEW ICON!!! Themed ícone Contest-Round 01-With Wings  shaddi903 6 2967 over a year ago
a special hometown screening of her new movie, Katy Perry: Part Of Me!  wydelgado 0 1332 over a year ago
Katy Perry Style Contest ~ [ROUND 3] OPEN  katelovespink 18 3141 over a year ago
Katy Perry's new música video  OliviaR 0 875 over a year ago
MISSION 9 MILLION  ravenkatycat 0 1583 over a year ago
katy perry  CheckWin 0 1067 over a year ago
KATY PERRY INTERVIEW!  katylove20 0 940 over a year ago
Katy Perry Movie!!! Whos going?!?!  jazzy728 0 1192 over a year ago
Katy Perry Wide Awake disney música Video  MazakuMaiden 1 1301 over a year ago
Friend me please! :) (The one that got away)  rohitd 0 1582 over a year ago
All About Katy  saracomet 0 1135 over a year ago
ABBY DAWN AND IRON FIST  caram3l23 2 1573 over a year ago
Katy Perry Contest  zara19 4 2088 over a year ago
Part of me lyrics!  cottoncandykaty 4 1633 over a year ago
favorito Lyric Contest - Round 01: Hot N Cold  shaddi903 9 1173 over a year ago
Katy Perry - fotografia Contest  kcoatney 0 843 over a year ago
Katy Perry-Icon Contest (round 1) OPEN  jake_rose_4ever 3 2083 over a year ago
do do u think russell brand and katy made a good couple  brunomars01 0 797 over a year ago
New Single "Part Of Me" !  Val_Katycat 2 1053 over a year ago
Katy Perry asks for fã perguntas and shout outs!  KatyPerfecto 0 885 over a year ago
Check out Katy Perry's BRAND NEW single "Part Of Me":  Chiara_Katy 1 376 over a year ago
amor your música  jojojuky 0 1175 over a year ago
(((((RINA))))Watch Chelsea vs Stoke City Free HD TV  aminaLina310 0 942 over a year ago
Do you know an ultimate Katy Perry fan?  jessicaweihe 0 941 over a year ago
Katy Perry gives Tim Tebow a shoutout at pre-Super Bowl party performance  kkmd 0 1096 over a year ago
Post a pic of katy ..............  zara19 1 779 over a year ago
Katy Perry contest  zara19 0 1166 over a year ago
enviar ícones for the 2012 spot look here!  mcewen_girl 2 826 over a year ago
Katy Perry Fanmade Single Covers Round 2 OPEN!  boy123 11 2222 over a year ago
Katy Perry Contest *1st round is open* (Post pic of Katy From Photoshoot)  Dirty_Angel 7 4463 over a year ago
New Spot Look For 2012!  mcewen_girl 26 2886 over a year ago
Katy Perry contest Round 14  euterpa09 81 8125 over a year ago
A - Z of Katy Perry  lindalinh 16 1364 over a year ago
~Katy fotografia competition~CLOSED  abe3er 76 10405 over a year ago
"Last Friday Night" Katy Perry cover  tiffanyspin 5 1428 over a year ago
KATY PERRY PARODY OF LAST FRIDAY NIGHT!!! SO GOOD!! MUST SEE!!!  super_ace89 2 1571 over a year ago
This Fan-page seems to of died a little!  KatyMae 0 966 over a year ago
Free Music(off topic)  GospelRapper 0 1195 over a year ago
Happy 1st Anaversiry Katy Perry  ajr9 2 1361 over a year ago
Katy Perry fãs Get a Free MP3 Download of “The Party’s Over” por Lara Johnston  Purpledarts 0 1411 over a year ago
Competition  Robssesed 0 1154 over a year ago
California Dreams on the radio  IslandGirl42 0 942 over a year ago
New Katy Perry fã site  SoCelebrities 1 949 over a year ago
Katy perry ícone Contest - *CONTEST CLOSED*  sun_shine 78 9981 over a year ago
what in the world  bri2345 0 736 over a year ago
Katy Perry, Lil Mama, And Jessie J topo, início Our Best Shoes Of The 2011 VMAs  lindalinh 0 1162 over a year ago
ENJOY MUSIC, ENJOY LIFE  lindalinh 0 1341 over a year ago
Katy Perry FOTM (August: CLOSED!)  twilightlover73 16 1558 over a year ago
Katy Perry Makes Hot 100 History: Ties Michael Jackson's Record  lindalinh 1 676 over a year ago
I need a friend to go with me to chicago show, concerto I have pit tickets!!!!!!!!  hangwithhaley 1 942 over a year ago
Katy Perry won at the TCA 2011  lindalinh 0 587 over a year ago
Blonde Or Brunette?  maritina12345 1 1220 over a year ago
Katy Perry Reveals A Dirty Secret!  check-it-out13 0 1116 over a year ago
i amor katy perry!  soosh 0 807 over a year ago
Incredible Katy Perry - E.T. Remix!! check it out!  nitro21sc 0 721 over a year ago
Great cover E.T. por Katy Perry  kristylers 1 1081 over a year ago
"Life of the Party" this song is a great summer jam!  bigdro 0 857 over a year ago
katy perry video  britishboy 0 941 over a year ago
Watch Charlie the dog howling to Katy Perry  charliedog 0 856 over a year ago
image combinder  goparty 0 1121 over a year ago
Aleesia's música is awesome!  droatskee 0 900 over a year ago
música vídeos Screencaps Contest - *Round 1 CLOSED*  Hot_n_cold 11 971 over a year ago
Round 4 Katy perry aleatório picture  britishboy 0 799 over a year ago
round 3 katy perry with a colerd wig or highlights(closed)  britishboy 9 2004 over a year ago