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peppersalt posted on Mar 13, 2011 at 09:45AM
Since there are people who like the idea, I suggest to set up a date and what to do on KPDay.For the date i personally like summer cuz it's hot and fun like Katherine:D So what are your thoughts?

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over a year ago Dymonita said…
Hot vamps are averted to the sun... I love her more than Elena, but who cares? Nina Dobrev plays them both!! And she's seriously drop-dead gorgeous!! Maybe in the winter. Vampires look better in the winter. Probably cos they're so white? Who knows. But you posted it. You pick.
over a year ago DeeaAndreea said…
I like summer too...Maybe on 15th July,cuz it's the middle of the summer?
over a year ago Dudix said…
What about 9 July?:D
Yeah , I agree with the summer thing because then we will not have TVD and we'll definetly miss it , so why not?
And I also don't mind if we celebrate her in spring. Spring is the revival of the nature and Katherine is always so fresh , just like spring.