katherine pierce Katherine Pierce Stills contest. {ROUND 23-FREE ROUND}

Katherine_girl posted on May 16, 2012 at 09:38AM
I have decided to reopen this contest. Anyone can join but you must follow these rules:
1.Have to be made by you.
2.Must be square
4.You can't vote for yourself
5.Have fun lol
Also if you dont know what as still means its were you use the picture i give you and do what ever you want with it. If its the pic i dont give you then i cant use it and will have to delete it :(
Good Luck,
Katherine_girl x

Themes & Rounds:

Round 10 winner: katherine1731

Round 11 winner: kitty13469

Round 12 winner: CullenSisters-X

Round 13 winner: escada

Round 14 winner: twilightlover73

Round 15 winner: flowerdrop

Round 16 winner: shine0n

Round 17 winner: flowerdrop

Round 18 winner: flowerdrop

Round 19 winner: katherine7131

Round 20 winner: katherine7131

Round 21 winner: Kari91

Round 22 winner: pending

Round 23: OPEN ( this is a free round so you may enter any Katherine Pierce Icon you want ;)

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