You lived 500 years ago
and you never thought that its time to go
into the heavens is where you belong
but you're a vampire,with fangs so long

You were born in the 15th century
to a baron and his woman,who now has a duty
as a child they amor you very much
they gave you everything even servants at lunch

Your name was Katerina
a beautiful name for an angel like thee
but one incident changed everything
you got pregnant,a stupid thing

Your parents found out
your father disowned you and kick your butt
walking in the woods,a man found you
his name is Klaus,he knows what to do

You found out what he really wanted
to drain your blood into a stone,he wants you dead
he wanted to kill you,but you fought
escape his vengeance,you never thought

*This is only the first five stanzas,my whole poem is at least 32 stanzas.....should i post more..........