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The fans pick: No Kaito's last name isen't Miku.
The fans pick: kaito and miku
kaito and miku
kaito and meiko
The fans pick: Miku Hatsune
The fans pick: kaito
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3 fãs answered this question
2 fãs answered this question
2 fãs answered this question
14 fãs answered this question
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KAITO mural

Glitterific said …
Omg! 500th fan! :D Posted over a year ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
Than i guess that makes me fã # 626. Lolz like from Lilo in Stitch. stitch is called 626. over a year ago
saikouso said …
The banner? Maybe someday....kidding, I'm on it. Posted over a year ago
saikouso commented…
I just realized I would have to replace it seguinte month. *groan* over a year ago
saikouso commented…
ignore the ugly banner and feast your eyes on the avatar instead. orz over a year ago
big smile
saikouso said …
I'm BAAACK! -shot'd-

To celebrate, I put up a the link for KAITO's V3 website that details the release encontro, data and contains the (re)new(ed) demo songs. So please check that out if you haven't already.

...and yes, I'll put up a new banner I've promised months atrás in KAITO's bday. Posted over a year ago
saikouso commented…
HIS ENGLISH DEMO IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying. over a year ago
believix commented…
cute kaito onii yuukai over a year ago