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You’re currently lying in bed, waiting for your boyfriend, Justin, to come início when you suddenly hear a sound come from downstairs. Thinking nothing of it, you bury your head into the book again - figuratively speaking, of course. It was a book Justin had gotten you for your birthday and when you finally got to leitura it - you just couldn’t stop. Your body tenses when another sound is heard. Normally, you’d blame it on the cachorro, filhote de cachorro you and Justin had bought about six months atrás but since he was ‘visiting’ Pattie, you couldn’t. Marking the page you had been reading, you place the...
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Me:*Goes back to my chair and sleeps a little*
Justin:*Goes to me* Excuse me but I think you dropped this *gives me my sunglasses*
Me:OMG!!!!!!!Are you really??!!...............
Justin:Yes I am lol.
Me:Thanks for my sunglasses.By the way I don't mean to bother you but can I have your autograph???!!
Me:Thanks sooo much!!!!! :)
Justin-You're welcome.
*3 minutos later*
Me:*Goes swimming in the water*
Justin:*Swims seguinte to me* Hi again. :)
Me:Hi Justin!!
Justin:So I was wondering if you would like to hang out with me for a while.
Me:Yes!!! :D
Justin:Lol ok then.
The End.