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This justin bieber fotografia might contain pele, tom de pele, cor de pele, nudez parcial, desnudez implicada, skintone, nude colorido, nudez implícita, and cor nude.

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Dude for real! JB can't be wearing a mack and a wig atuação like he is a 16 ano old boy. Someone would have notice before. Anyways explain the baby pictures. They also said he hired a prostistute to act like his mom. For real thatis not true. Don't you think that usher would have notice por now. When iI was watching the video they should a 51 ano old man sing like jb and you can tell that the dude was mouthing. The thing that I noticed the most that the dude had a cavatie and JB does not have a cavatie.All you people that agree with me you rock and the ones that don't shut up and keep your commonts to your self!
posted by RnBStar13
 Justin Bieber♥
Justin Bieber♥
Ohh wooaah Ohh wooaah Ohh wooaah
You know you amor me, I know you care
Just shout whenever, And I'll be there
You are my love, You are my coração
And we will never ever-ever be apart

Are we an item. Girl quit playing
"We're just friends"
What are you sayin?
said theres another and looked right in my eyes
My first amor broke my coração for the first time,

And I was like
Baby, baby, baby ooh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ooh
Thought you'd always be mine, mine

Baby, baby, baby oohh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
Thought you'd always be mine, mine

For you,i would...
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Justin put a fotografia up on his Twitter saying that Kim is his girlfriend.

The relationship between Justin Bieber, 16, and Kim Kardashian, 29, has been rumored about thanks to all the fotografias of them hand-in-hand in Barbados. As you may remember, Kim and Justin were in Barbados shooting for the current edition of Elle Magazine.

It all started a few months atrás when the two met at an event at The White House. Later that same day, Justin put up on his Twitter a message saying that Kim was his girlfriend and seguinte to it her photo. Kim responded saying that she officially had ' Bieber Fever'!

Fans were...
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A few days atrás Justin spoke to estrela Magazine about how his parent's splitting up effected him.

Now Justin has spoken about the subject again the magazine Twist. There he said that divorce really hit him hard.

It was a tough time in his life and he shared how he got through it, turning his pain into hope. He knows lots of other teens have divorced parents and wants to share his experience with them.

Here we have you the good that came out of the divorce, the song Down to Earth which was written about this time in his life and is dedicated to his dad.

To see what he said, pick up the new issue of TWIST! Do you think hearing Justin's experience will help other people who are going through the same thing?
posted by pinkstars01
 I amor Justin Drew Bieber<3
I love Justin Drew Bieber<3
I amor him so much.
He is an outstanding singer, and did I mention he was also very good looking?
Well he is.
I couldnt live without his voice in my head every single day. He is amazing. I amor him soooooo much. Me and my friend are going to have a fundraiser t get enough money to go to Ontaio, Canada, and go door-to-door asking if he was there. He is pretty much amazing. and more. He needs to get a record deal, because i am tired of having to get onto the computer to listen to him.
I amor him, mais than anyone, and thank god, that there is an amazing, good, hot, nice, non-stupid boy out there for us girls to love.

I amor you JustinDrewBieber.

hee what's up?

manny people wanna meet justin bieber!!
this is your chance to meet him and a VIP to his CONCERT

and the first place winner gets:

For two people - Flights there and back home, 4 nights accommodation in downtown Toronto, and VIP tickets to see the performance.

All of the above except VIP tickets are VIP+ and they get all of these really cool things:
Two amazing topo, início price reserved ticket in the front floor sections!
Two entries into the preshow VIP sound check!
Two entries into the VIP preshow party that includes catered hospitality and...
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posted by iheartjustinb
The moment I saw Justin on youtube I told my friend I needed him so that same night i joined this to show my absolute amor for JUSTIN! I watched you sing and almost fainted (actually I chocked once-no joke)! When I saw you sing/flirt with that Esmee girl I literally flipped out! I screamed,I punched my computer and I wanted that to be me wicked badly. Can you all feel the amor I have for J.B.? Because I feel it like a raging fogo in my heart. I'll always be you're number one fã Justin! No matter wha ups and downs our relationship goes throgh, I will always amor you. If you ever need me, you can reach me. I'm a member of you're fanpop! <3333333 So I want THIS to be a kind of shout out to YOU Justin my amor at first sight!
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J-Just so adorable!!! ;D
S-Sweet as a thousand pounds of sugar! :D
T-Thankful for everything that has happened to him!
I-Interesting and very intelligent! 8 ) <---- 8= glasses
N-Never says never!!! (ok, maybe sometimes!)

D-Dating Selena Gomez
R-Really hott
E-Everything in one little bundle!!! (bundle is such a cute word!!)
W-Women of all ages amor him!

B-Beautiful on the inside and out!
I-I love, love, amor him!
E-Energetic and funny!
B-Brilliant and bold!!
E-Exciting to watch dance and sing!
R-Real, not fake!

I hope you enjoyed this acrostic poem and i hope Justin sees this!!!
Thanks ;D
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