johnny depp I realy cant stand her.

Nicolexx15 posted on Dec 13, 2010 at 08:25PM
Angelina Jolie, I feel like he's trying but failing to steal Johnny from Vanessa and because I imagine that im vanessa aka johnny's partner I feel angry for her when I see him with her, I know you cant always believe what the paper says but I realy do feel she's a bit of a maneater.
whats your opinion ?
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over a year ago AnjaLovesJohnny said…
i cant stand her too, but shes got no chance against vanessa. He loves her and van is way prettier than her. Im not worried any more
over a year ago Nicolexx15 said…
Yeh and Brads a good looking husband as well, well he would be if he shaved that massive old man beard ♥
 Yeh and Brads a good looking husband as well, well he would be if he shaved that massive old man urso
over a year ago BellaLovett said…
@AnjaLovesJohnny i agree with u except for one thing. Angie is much prettier than Van cuz Van is ugly

and Brad looks horrable in that pick i think he's gotta go to Sweeney to shave that horrable beard
over a year ago xXxJDloverxXx said…

Anyway, I'm not worried that Angelina will steal Johnny as they will have to be together for premiers and stuff, but I can't really anything serious between them and It'll soon be over when all of the "The Tourist" premiers are done. Like Johnny says "Once I've made the film, really it's none of my business..." :) ♥
over a year ago xXxJDloverxXx said…
@BellaLovett I LOLed at the Brad going to Sweeney sentence at the end xD
over a year ago Nicolexx15 said…
LOL yeh I know im not realy worried anymore, but I still HATE her and Vans not that ugly she is is some photos but she's okay x and yeh OMG brad's beard is TERRIBLE yeh he needs to go to sweeney :D
over a year ago xXxJDloverxXx said…
I'm ok with Vanessa I mean if Johnny loves her then that's ok with me but she better look after him if not there will be trouble hehe... *makes fist at Vanessa for hurting Johnny* ^_^
over a year ago Nicolexx15 said…
hahaha ♥