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Why was the 'Dear Real Deppheads' fórum deleted?

I'd like a short, precise, and polite answer as to why the fórum was deleted. Forums don't normally go around deleting themselves.
 Eastern-Rosella posted over a year ago
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Hermione-Prime said:
One moment the fórum was fine, with people agreeing. The seguinte moment, it was flooded. It got out of control. Some people were being quite rude, and some just wanted the whole affair to come to an end. Some people, like the author of the forum, became very frustrated and wished the fórum was never put up. The tension in the fórum built up and then it got deleted. If I could hinger a guess, I'd say it was deleted. But of course, it could have been reported.
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posted over a year ago 
wasn't reported..jdepp had deleted the forum..that's all
IM-A-DEPP posted over a year ago
IM-A-DEPP said:
The fórum was showing so much respect to this club, to stop spamming pics & vids that doesn't belong to JD..that was the whole idea of it.

But there's some people misunderstood the idea of the fórum & they commented in an Offensive way like a "War" and that's undesirable in this Club.

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posted over a year ago 
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