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posted by jasmine4121
Funny when things never change
Even when you say they will
But while your off s(rewing her
My life is standing still

You tell me that you amor me
When I go to leave
You tell me I'm your only one
And I let myself believe

I know that you are using me
But you'll never let me go
I know that you don't amor me
I know I'm just for show

I don't know If I can stand
To see you amor another girl
You know that you broke my coração
You know that your my world

But while your standing por my side
I'll believe your lies forever
Cause everything seems so perfect
When we are together
posted by jasmine4121
A bunny goes to a de praia, praia and lights a cigarette. Since he was a newbie smoker the effect was stronger than it usually is. So he was lying on a nearby rock and a goldfish came to check what’s wrong:

Goldfish: “Hey dude, are you OK?”
Bunny (slightly stoned) : “Yeah, man… Just a bit tired…”
Goldfish: “What are you doing?”
Bunny: “I got a pack of cigarettes and I lit one. It makes you kind of dizzy, but very relaxing.”
Goldfish: “Can I try?”
Bunny: “Of course! You just inhale big time, swim underwater for a while and then exhale.”

The goldfish does as told and meets a baleia during swimming – so he explains the whole thing to a baleia as well. A few moments later a baleia comes to a bunny and wakes him up, since he dosed off. The bunny wakes up, sees the baleia and screams his lungs out:

Bunny: “Goldfish, exhale, exhale!! “
posted by jasmine4121
Johnny wants to talk to his teacher, so he asks her if they can exchange a few words after class. She agrees.

Teacher: “Ok, Johnny, how may I help you?”
Johnny: “I believe I’m too smart to stay in this grade. I would like to be moved directly to high school, because it’s boring here.”

She agrees one mais time and notifies the principal. The principal proposes a test to prove Johnny’s intelligence and knowledge. So it begins:

Principal: “Johnny, let’s see. What is 3 x 4?”
Johnny: “12!”
Principal: “What is 6 x 6?”
Johnny: “36!”
Principal: “The capital of Japan?”
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posted by jasmine4121
We were together for many years
We became as one.It was like
I had your blood running through my vain
We could read each other's thoughts.
Finish each others sentence without saying
a word. There is so much I'd like to change
But i cant turn back hands of time your memory
will always be apart of me and my heart.I still
talk to you and wonder if you hear. Sometimes i
feel you near even in my dreams.My coração cant say goodbye. For its afraid your memory will die
apart of my coração is with you and it's your's to
keep now that it's gone im left to stand
posted by jasmine4121
A child,Born into a world of hate and despair nowhere to go no one to cling to no one to look up too seen only as a disaster grandpa T calls her a N_ _ _ _ _ Grandpa D. a damn slave driver names engraved on her sides for life she is only a baby.A new born and already,only being moments alive she is unwanted misfit of society looked upon as an outcast as if this child had chosen to be half black and half white.she must learn to live in a world of gray where she is made to pay for representing two peoples forbidden amor people are so selfish,so blind unopen to differences unopen to change people...
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