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Before I begin, I would like to point out that my version includes Evil Jimmy as a member of the League of Villains, an opportunity of which he missed out on in the canon version of the episode of the same name. Anyways let's go ahead and get this started. It had been a normal dia in Retroville for Jimmy. Unknown to him however that was all about to change for him for today was different: several of his enemies he defeated previously had banded together to get even with him. These included King Goobot, Evil Jimmy, The Junkman, Beautiful Gorgeous, Professor Calatimous, The o espaço Bandits, Grandma...
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posted by bobos
stunning IQ and a amor for science. Usually, his intentions cause mais harm than benefit for the city of Retroville, but that never stops him from trying. Most of the time, he's busy saving the city from his own experiments gone wrong. He is best friends with Carl and Sheen. His middle name is named after Isaac Newton, the famous physicist. In the movie, Jimmy wore blue shorts and brown shoes. In the televisão show, he wears blue jeans and gray converse sneakers.

Carlton Ulysses "Carl" Wheezer (Jack McHugh) is Jimmy's shy, asthmatic best friend who has an unhealthy obsession with llamas. Carl...
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posted by superconnorkid8
Well...someone had to do it.

It is I, superconnorkid8, composição literária to tell you all about a project my friends and I are doing.

Now, me and only one of my friends are fãs of Jimmy Neutron, but most of my friends have agreed to wor on this with me (they owe me favors).

The basis goes something like this -- Jimmy, Carl and Sheen are now 14 (and 16 for Sheen [He was held back twice, remember?]) and are becoming high-school Freshman. I have a bit of a storyline, but I can't animate, so it'll look a bit...weird.

I hope you all take interest in this, and when it's done, I'll add the link to the pilot.

posted by bobos
Jet Fusion: a secret agent aided por Jimmy in the fight against Professor Calamitous and his daughter Beautiful Gorgeous. He is first seen in the episode "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" he is voiced por actor Christian Slater.
Butch Pakovski: Butch is the slightly slack-jawed, unintelligent bully of Lindbergh Elementary School who doesn't have many friends at all (except his younger brother-name unknown). He is mostly seen bullying Oleander and Carl. He is voiced por Rob Paulsen.
Brittany: Brittany is in Jimmy's class. She can dance well, as she is seen dancing with Cindy and Libby as a third partner....
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