Jeremy Gilbert Jeremy Gilbert ícone contest Round 1

twilightlover73 posted on Apr 30, 2011 at 12:27AM
Alright, so I asked you guys whether you wanted an con contest or not and the answers were mostly positive, so here we go.

Alright so here are the rules:

Rule#1: I will choose a topic and the icons HAVE to go with the topic, icons outside the topic will not be accepted.

Rule#2: You have 3 days to submit your icon.

Rule#3: After every round, a pick will be uploaded for voting.

Rule#4: Every user gets to participate. However, the user can upload only 1 icon.

Rule#5: You don't have to make the icon if you don't want, but credit the person who did. (if you know who made it)

Rule#6: Props will be given according to these ranks:

1st place: 3 props
2nd place: 2 props
3rd place: 1 prop

Have fun!

Round#1: Jeremy in The Last Dance

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over a year ago vampirefreak_26 said…
here's mine:
 here's mine:
over a year ago rosyn_cullen said…
Mine ♥
 Mine ♥
over a year ago el0508 said…
mine, with Bonnie, hope it's okay :)
 mine, with Bonnie, hope it's okay :)