Jennifer Garner at the 2006 Oscars
Look at a lot of Jennifer fansites and other web pages, and they'll tell you that Jennifer has never had her ears pierced. But is this true? Are her ears still in their natural state and completely free of extra holes?

If you look deeper into things than just a quick scan of the fansites, you'll see that all of those which say she's never had her ears pierced are the older and more-established ones, many of which seem not to have been updated in a long time - often several years. Look at the mais recent sites, or websites like IMDb, and you begin to see a slightly different story. It seems as though all of the sites which say she's never had her ears pierced are based on a single magazine artigo from 2002. In this interview, she talks about her childhood, and how she and her sisters, Melissa and Susannah, had a lot of rules imposed on them por their parents, including not being allowed to pierce their ears. The early Jennifer fansites took this article, and the fact that pictures showed that Jennifer's ears were not, at that time, pierced, and used that to support statements that she'd never had them pierced. But is that really the case?

mais recently, other evidence has appeared. Sadly, many people still view the older, and often out-of-date, websites as the leading authorities on Jennifer, and so ignore the newer evidence which does not appear on them. And this, of course, perpetuates the views of those sites, leading them to be seen as "the truth", even when it has been superceded por newer information. So what is this newer evidence? Some of it comes from link, link, and other sites such as those, while mais comes from recent magazine, TV and radio interviews with Jennifer herself.

In these mais recent interviews, Jennifer has admitted that she and her sisters were not totally banned from having their ears pierced - they just had to wait until they were sixteen before they could have them done. She also revealed that her younger sister, Susannah, broke that rule when she went out and had her ears pierced without her parents' permission when she was fourteen. Her older sister, Melissa, had her ears pierced on her 16th birthday, but they got infected, so she had to take the earrings out and let them heal up, and never got them re-pierced.

So what about Jennifer? In the interviews, she mentions that she got a bit put off the thought of having her own ears pierced when Melissa's ears got infected, and so didn't get them done when she turned sixteen herself, even though her parents gave her the choice. However, she also reveals that she has had her ears pierced and then let them heal up again twice in recent years.

According to the recent interviews, and sites such as IMDb, the first time she had her ears pierced was in 1999. In that year, she had them pierced specially for her part in the TV movie link. Jennifer's character in this movie, Diane Agostini, wears a pair of diamond stud earrings.
Jennifer Garner as Diane Agostini in Aftershock: Earthquake in New York, wearing a pair of diamond stud earrings
These were a present from her father (who dies in the earthquake), and Diane is devastated when she later loses this sentimental reminder of her late father. Because many of Jennifer's scenes in this movie were shot in close-up, it would have been very obvious, if she had worn clip-on earrings, that her ears were not actually pierced. Also, a number of shots were from the angle of looking over Jennifer's shoulder and, as her hair was tucked behind her ear, these gave a clear view of the back of her earlobe. This meant she was unable to wear magnetic stud earrings because, from this angle, it would be possible to see the post and borboleta clip holding a pair of pierced earrings in place. In the interviews, Jennifer admits that, seeing the part as a possible "big break", she agreed to have her ears pierced specially for the movie shortly before filming began. She then kept them pierced for the duration of filming, but allowed them to heal up again afterwards.

Jennifer Garner at the 2006 Oscars ceremony, wearing $250,000 diamond earrings por fred figglehorn figglehorn Leighton
The segundo time she had her ears pierced was in link. Again, in the interviews, she reveals that she had them pierced at the start of the year, specially to be able to wear a pair of diamond earrings to that year's Oscars ceremony. Designed por fred figglehorn Leighton and worth around $250,000, these long chandelier-style earrings were made specifically for pierced ears. link Jennifer comments that she fell completely in amor with the earrings as soon as she saw them, only to be very disappointed when she realised that the staff at the boutique had forgotten she didn't have pierced ears. Seeing that she was so disappointed at not being able to wear them, she says that the boutique staff offered to pierce her ears for her, so that she would be able to wear them. And, as she loved the earrings so much, she decided to take them up on their offer and had her ears re-pierced specially to be able to wear those particular earrings to the ceremony.

Jennifer Garner in mid-2006, wearing a pair of hoop earrings in her pierced ears
After the ceremony, she then continued to wear pierced earrings for a short while, even having the 4.5-carat diamond studs Ben gave her converted from clip-ons to pierced studs. However, she says in the interviews that, having had unpierced ears for so long, wearing pierced earrings always felt a little strange, and she never really got used to the thought and act of sticking bits of metal through holes in her earlobes. As a result, she stopped wearing pierced earrings and, por the end of 2006, the holes in her lobes had closed up and healed again.

So, at the moment (the middle of 2008), Jennifer's ears are indeed unpierced, but, despite what a lot of fansites say, she has had them pierced twice in the past. Sadly, both times she's had them done, she's then let them heal up again and gone back to having unpierced ears and just wearing clip-on earrings.