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 Jemi in Brazil
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This Jemi fotografia might contain traje de passeio, terno de negócio, rua, cena da cidade, ajuste urbano, cenário urbano, cena de rua, cidade, urbana definindo, azuis vestido, uniforme branco, blues vestido, branco vestido, blues de vestido, and vestido branco.

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Source: Living the Dream Season 2 Screen.
I DID NOT write this.... i read it on FanFiction.Net its written por 'FruitSmiles', I thought it was amazing!! This is only the first chapter you can read the rest on the website :-) hope you like it as much as i did :-)

I walked into the quiet house flipping on all the light switches as I went. With the lights on, the house seemed emptier than with the lights off. As I took a glimpse around the main floor I realized all of the rooms were trashed. The scent of hot sauce and salmoura, pickle suco, suco de filled my nostrils. I clearly remember not having either in my kitchen. I groaned. In no way possible was I...
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seguinte morning i didnt want to go to school,but it was better as to stay here at home.
i took a chuveiro and rushed downstairs glad to see nobody in the cozinha just only a message wrote on a piece of paper which was on the mesa, tabela i read it.
" doctors just be dont make any plans we have to say you something else. mom and dad " what eles? they just told me that my father will die..! i decieded to walk to school. i was on my locker and was about to walk to my first class but someone pushed me into a empty room.

"what the hell?!" i looked at the person i just stared at him.
"whats wrong demi?" - " so joe...
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