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 Disney's friends for Change: Project Green
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As the título suggests, this is a small, short, sweet drabble written during the down period at work. I don't own any characters of Camp Rock but i did make up one. Please review. Hope you enjoy.

Boy has my life changed for the better, thought Joe as he gazed at the small rosa, -de-rosa blanket bundle in his arms and the beautiful baby girl wrapped in it. He couldn't believe it, he was a daddy to little Miss Amelia Elizabeth Jonas, the most beautiful, calm, sweetest girl in the world.
Well seguinte to his beautiful wife, he thought as he glanced over to the hospital cama where Demi was struggling to stay awake...
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(Joe's pov)
I pulled out of the girl. She was crying. Guess she didn't enjoy it. Well, you never enjoy a rape, do you? Unless you're the rapist.

"Please let me go" She begged

I took out a gun. She looked terrified but she was too weak to move. I aimed at the coração and shooted. She was dead. I usually take mais time to kill my victims but I'm running out of it right now. I took the body and put it in a big bag. I get rid of it and blah blah blah. Now my plan. Joe Jonas needs to lay low and I have a fullproof plan for that. I'm gonna marry this old hag of Dianna Lovato. I'll be known as her nice...
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