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 Jemi in bravo girl
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Title: A Valentine Wedding
Summary: Joe and Demi's wedding dia and reception
Author's Note: I don't own anybody. This is my Valentine's dia present for all my fellow Jemi Fans. Happy Valentine's dia Everyone. Warning: May be sappy story. Please tell me if you want a story about the reception.

If Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were dreaming, then they would prefer it if no one woke them up. This was the dia that they had both dreamed about since they were children, well ok so Demi mostly with her best Sunday dress with her mother's high heels and all her stuff animais as witness marrying her teddy...
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I looked up to see Selena.Oh my god not another BLOODSUCKER!"Nothing's wrong with me!"I yelled at her.She looked at me shocked."I know something's wrong,Demi,"She said staying strong."Fine!You want to know what's wrong with me!?!I know that your a FREAKING BLOODSUCKER,Selena!"I yelled at her fiercely.She look at me."Your lucky that I can't cry,Demi,because if I did the I would be Cryind badly," She said looking like she would cry.All of the sudden she ran off to her room.I quickly ran downstairs not wanting to stand there and all of the sudden start feeling quilty at what i just did to that...
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disney ChannelNL/VL presenters Sita & Dean assume the role of Mitchie (Demi Lovato) and Shane (Joe Jonas)!
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This is definitely an opinion article. I'm just going to say my thoughts on Camilla Belle, the rumors that have been going around lately, and how there is no way that they're true. This artigo might change your mind of the Camilla and Joe news, and all you Jemi fans, listen up. Because this artigo is coming directly from a huge Jemi fan, ready to supply the Jemi side on anything. So here it is, straight from the Jemiest Jemi lover who can Jemify anything.

OMJ! You just heard the new Jonas rumor! Joe Jonas, the only guy out there PERFECT for Demi, is reportedly dating Camilla Belle, a 10,000...
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