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WHY DO JOE AND DEMI BELONG TOGETHER?  sarabeara 14 4365 over a year ago
is jemi made 4 each other???  bj13rocks 0 2034 over a year ago
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Thoughts on Demi/Joe breakup  toshiba19 5 1058 over a year ago
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HELP JOE BEAT NICK ON U_TUBE  jonash12341 0 976 over a year ago
Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato seen holding hands at disney world??  XxjemiforeverxX 5 5364 over a year ago
Nurse Demi: Jemi Story  DemiJones 4 2545 over a year ago
demi and joe  alex_15 0 773 over a year ago
Countdown to 1,000 Fans!!!  sarabeara 89 2753 over a year ago
Demi Helps Joe Through a Hard time  pupball567 17 2079 over a year ago
Jemi sleepover?  toshiba19 8 1291 over a year ago
Trace Cyrus broke up with Demi Lovato through a text message?!  Mickeystar89 15 2368 over a year ago
Have u seen Demi's twitter?:(  Gii_Chace 1 1367 over a year ago
"Jomilla" is over!  Mickeystar89 36 2357 over a year ago
Jemi and Kanielle Double date.  DemiJones 0 827 over a year ago
High School Reunion  DemiJones 0 730 over a year ago
perguntas ch1  izzylovesjemi 1 653 over a year ago
Should we get a new motto?  sarabeara 6 510 over a year ago
Taylor and Joe broke up!  Mickeystar89 12 572 over a year ago
He has a GF already!  Bubbly131 13 740 over a year ago
Flaming Romance?  Jemistry4eva7 6 514 over a year ago