Jack and Kate Reasons why we always were and always will be Jaters.

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Here's forum where we can put all our reason we love Jack&Kate. You can write any reason you want in repies and I'll put it here in OP.
Reasons might be used for link
(I think) xd

It can be anything you want: Jate quotes (Because she has always been with him), quotes about Jate (Because nothing in the world kept them apart), your personal reasons shiping Jate ( Because Jate made we belive in epic love), some funny reasons ( Because I'm always in Team Puppy Eyes), even reasons out of blue (Beacuse Jate>Your life).
Really, whatever you want.

The only rule is that you have to keep it in 'Because.....' convention.

I hope we can think of huge number of reasons. I mean.. IT'S JATE xd

Reasons already used for JEFOT name
Future reasons to use.

1.Because nothing in th world kept them apart
2.Because Jate> Your life
3.Because she has always been with him.
4.Because I'm always in Team Puppy Eyes.
5.Because Jate made we believe in epic love.
6.Because he made her finally smile.
7.Because he loves her.
8.Because he made her stop running.
9.Because she fixed him.
10.Because he fixed her.
11.Because she missed him so much.
12.Beacuse they finally found each other.
13.Beacuse they have inside joke.
14.Beacuse she's hot and he's hot.
15.beacuse we count to 5 when we are scared.
16.Beacuse he loves her so much that she was able to broke his heart.
17.Because that's not how he knows her!
18.Because 'I will come back here for you'
19.Because she broke her promis and came back
20.Because they verbally copulate
21.Because she has 'never been able to help herself be madly in love with Jack'
22.Because her bond with him will bring her to her knees
23.Because she found him
24.Because he makes her weak in the loins
25.Because he wanted her as his nurse
26.Because they've met before this life and they will meet again in another!!!!!!
27.Because they were meant to be from the pilot.
28.Because they made the "obvious" ship exciting.
29.Because he loves her so much that he stuck up for Sawyer (even though Sawyer would never do the same)
30.Beacuse he's not sorry she kissed him.
31.Because they got cought in net (of love)
32.Because Ass Grab makes us horny.
33.Because she's glad he changed his mind.
34.Because she said YES! YES! YES! YES! I WILL!
35.Beacuse he WAS chacking her out.
36.Because she wanted to tell him what she did.
37.Because 'Jack is the guy that she should be with.'
38.Because 'Jack and Kate are a classical romantic couple.'
39.Because 'Jack and Kate were destined to be with one another.'
40.Because it was not all misery.
41.Because it was hug of all hugs.
42.Because if Ben was a betting man he would've picked Kate and Jack.
43.Because she can't leave Jack behind.
44.Because Damon is a Jater
45.Because Darlton said Jate is Fate
46.Because Jack's a keeper
47.Because she was watching him sleep
48.Because Aaron is his family too
49.Because she did see him again
50.Because she helped him remember
51.Because he smiles when he says her name
52.Because they are both BAMF
53.Because she got his back
54.Because she freaked out when she couldn't find him
55.Because she kept his picture
56.Because she thinks he's perfect
57.Because he knows her heart is in the right place
58.Because of how they hold hands
59.Because 'they have faced the unspeakable together'
60.Because Ynujin wanted them to live happily ever after
61.Because he didn't lose her
62.Because nothing is irreversable
63.Because she stole his pen
64.Because she made him his first sling
65.Because The Incident look. Both of them
66.Because she licked the spoon
67.Because she ran to him not Sawyer
68.Because universal recognition
69.Because he's the 'man of her life'
70.Because they jirt
71.Because they jangst
72.Because of the ass-grab
73.Because she thinks he's good at this
74.Because she can't say no to him
75.Because they have sex in CLEAN places
76.Because Hurley's a Jater
77.Because he lied for her
78.Because she wears his shirt to bed
79.Because they pwn the photoshoots.
80.Because 'if you weren't here Jack...'
81.Because she's so sorry
82.Because haters hate and Evi jates!
83.Becasue she didn't want to stop the plane crashing, so she could meet him
84.Because he is protective/defencive over her
85.Because they don't have to say a word to speak volumes
86.Because they found each other
87.Because jack made kate stop running and kate made jack realise he doesn't have to fix everything
88.Because "he offers forgiveness rather than acceptance"
89.Because they have seen the best and the worst of each other and completley accept the other person for who they are, faults and all
90.Because even abc is a Jater
92.Because all they need is one look at each other and they understand one another completely
93.Because he was the Adam to her Eve
94.Because they're golf buddies
95.Because he did tell her not to come back to protect her
96.Because it's about the journey AND the destination
97.Because he is her constant and she is his
98.Because she wanted to call him when she was in trouble
99.Because they have a cosmic love
100.Because going home to the Jamily was his favorite part of the day
101.Because we have a jictionairy
102.Because Jisters RULE!
103.Because 'chemistry apparent'
104.Because she is magnetic to him
105.Because the moment was sexually charged
106.Because we know she likes the scruff
107.Because love is complicated
108.Because the emotion combustion between them
109.Because they saved Charlie
110.Because Kate loves to scream 'JACK'
111.Because she usually initiates the kiss
112.Because they blow shit up
113.Because they pwn the backpack
114.Because he asked Kate to come
115.Because she was glad he beat Sawyer
116.Because he brought her to meet his grandpa
117.Because he was the one who saved her
118.Because she hopes he finds what he's looking for
119.Because 'be careful'
120.Because of the look after that
121.Because she wasn't done going back
122.Because he didn't do it for Sawyer.
123.Because she wanted him to let the island sink
124.Because the neck kiss
125.Because she only cries OVER Jack
126.Because the guava seeds
127.Because she teases him about being hardcore
128.Because she'll laugh in your face if you try to compare yourself to Jack
129.Because she doesn't trust Ana (I wonder why..)
130.Because the look on her face when Juliet kisses Jack
131.Because they own any hallway
132.Because they also own any shower
133.Because 'I CAN'T!'
134.Because they shared their food from the hatch
135.Because she was motivated to get Jack back
136.Because he rescued her from those horrendous cages. Twice.
137.Because she smiles when he talks about his dad
138.Because she loves seeing him with Aaron
139.Because 'her heart's more with Jack'
140.Because 'when he looks me in the eye and he says I need you to support me, THAT'S IT.'
141.Because he's the only one she trusts
142.Because Sun was envious of their flirtations
143.Because he wasn't leaving without her.
144.Because she wanted to see him again so bad.
145.Because he offered to walk her to the beach
146.Because she wanted him to
147.Because in some kind of cosmic way they just get each other
148.Because the last words they said to each other before they died were 'I love you'
149.Because they kissed one last time
150.Because Foxy and Evi,HELLO?
151.Because 'she genuinely wanted to marry him'
152.Because of face touches
153.Because PARALLELS!
154.Because JJ Abrams made a comment only about Jate
155.Because she screamed his name after she only knew him for less than a day
156.Because Sayid is a Jater
157.Because Charlie is a Jater
158.Because Desmond is a Jater
159.Because she didn't keep her eyes off him in the church scene
160.Because he kept her secret
161.Because he didn't want to know what she did
162.Because he knew she didn't burn the raft
163.Because his her hero
164.Because he made her coffee
165.Because of the eye jex
166.Because she helps him walk
167.Because she wasn't running now
168.Because she thinks he's a natural
169.Because she's so glad that he's here
170.Because 'they would stop and turn slowing to watch each other go by.'
171.Because she repeats Jack's motto
172.Because of the wave
173.Because 'I'm Kate. Jack.'
174.Because he's not big on rubbing it in
175.Because he and his tattoos do ad up
176.Because they are 'amazed by each other'
177.Because if she needs him, she knows where to find him
178.Because she almost didn't recognize him
179.Because they creep on each other in the sweetest way
180.Because 'always a pleasure'
181.Because she only drugs the one she loves
182.Because he put the dynamite in his pack
183.Because there's a glass
184.Because she left the shampoo for him
185.Because Jack may have lost a battle for her affections but he won the war
186.Because he gave her the wink
187.Because they can't help but smile when they are together
188.Because everything happens for a reason
189.Because she's sorry his dad died
190.Because high school never ends [Right Hurley,xD}
191.Because 'The more time spent on the island the more Jack would sort of represent to Kate what she would want.'
192.Because Damon says Jack is the guy she should be with
193.Because they're both damaged goods
194.Because she's flattered
195.Because 'Nice shot'
196.Because he let her back into the club
197.Because of the look they shared when the other's captured them
198.Because you can feel the chemistry even between the glass wall
199.Because Sawyer and Juliet see that they're fate
200.Because she did feel guilty
201.Because Because Kate left for 3 years and Sawyer didn't care enough to wait for her but Jack never gave up on their love
202.Because she owes him that
203.Because 'I feel too much for Jack to allow this 'thing' with Sawyer to keep going.'
204.Because Kate's face when she found out Jack saw the cage romp
205.Because of 'Kate!Damn it!RUN!'
206.Because Aaron approves
207.Because he's okay now ['are you ok?' 'i am now']
208.Because Mevie are Jaters
209.Because he left the island for her
210.Because 'Does that mean I should wait 20 minutes and go anyway?'Touche.'
211.Because she wants Sawyer to 'stop starring her ass' but she doesn't mind Jack checking her out.
212.Because what he said in there to protect her,he 'didn't mean it'
213.Because they remembered their first meating {The incident}
214.Because she cleaned his knuckles
215.Because that book isn't closed,at all.{Evangeline Lilly}
216.Because there is a huge, unknowable draw for Jack to Kate.{Matthew Fox}
217.Because she does genuinely love him {Damon Lindelof}
218.Because it's Evi's hope that Kate & Jack are gonna end up together.
219.Because the Jack and Kate thing was a 'over-arching,long-term,thing on the show' {Matthew Fox}
220.Because 'they are now emotionally connected more then they have ever been.'{Matthew Fox}
221.Because Josh loved Jate's kiss.
222.Because NY post 'loves the chemistry between them.'
223.Because'Jack and Kate were destined to be with one another.'{Buddy TV}
224.Because'They’re obviously attracted to each other and they can’t get over it.'{Foxy}
225.Because 'When these two are together,even the strongest defogger won't work.'{NY Post}
226.Because the 'net of love' is one of Darlton's top favorite Lost scenes ever.
227.Because Carlton thinks Matt and Evi should make a romantic comedy together.
228.Because'One important thing happened in the meantime:Jack and Kate fell in love.'{TV Guide}
229.Because every love song lyrics remind us of Jate.
230.Because they got their own freaking promo.
231.Because 'of course I will help you' {Pilot}
232.Because they found Adam and Eve.
233.Because she will be waiting for him there.Once he's ready.
234.Because 'If it's meant to be,it's meant to be".And it was.
235.Because she's not doing anything until she sees Jack.
236.Because they can forgive each other everything.
237.Because they make us believe in fate
238.Because they make us believe in love at first sight
239.Because they own walkie-talkies
240.Because 'EXCUSE ME'
241.Because Coldplay writes their soundtrack.
242.Because one...two...three...four...five...
243.Because their first meeting was brought up again several times on the show.
244.Because she threw fists at Juliet over Jack
245.Because 'he has found love, and been loved.'
246.Because of the way she reacted to when he volunteered to be the island's protector.
247.Because she always defends him.
248.Because she told him about Naomi when the others didn't want her to.
249.Because she won't let Sawyer punish him for Juliet's death.
250.Because of the smile when he returned to Locke's camp.
251.Because she almost shot him and he noticed.
252.Because she didn't want him lying for her.
253.Because three episodes into the series my niece nonchalantly states 'They're in love.'
254.Because Damon felt a connection to Jack and Kate and wanted to write their scenes.
255.Because season six opened with Kate's eye and closed with Jack's.
256.Because she will literally crash planes and blow up bombs for him.
257.Because of the hand grab in 6x13.
258.Because of the shoulder grab in 1x14.
259.Because we notice these things.
260.Because they get front row at the church in heaven.
261.Because they can't even make it to the bed before the panties come off.
262.Because she traded up.
263.Because he carried her on his back
264.Because when Jack tells her to run, it kills her, but she runs.
265.Because they can turn even hardcore Skaters into softcore Jaters
266.Because they produce the most epic videos
267.Because they produce the most epic art
268.Because she wanted to grab a cup of coffee. (among other things)
269.Because they would make beautiful Jabies
270.Because I don't care how lame it is, I ship Mevie
271.Because she stayed with him at his father's funeral
272.Because Aaron is his family too
273.Because she knew he was running late to Hurley's party
274.Because I don't believe her shirt was full of bees, she just wanted to get naked.
275.Because they got 'caught in a net' literally and figuratively
276.Because ‘A part of Kate wishes, more than anything else in the world, that he were asking'
277.Because of her face when he enters the courtroom
278.Because she can't stand when he's upset with her
279.Because 'the emotional combustion between them as strong as it ever was’
280.Because 'Where's Kate?!'
281.Because Kate appreciates Jack being jealous
282.Because of her face when he walks away from her for the last time
283.Because being a Jater is something to be proud of
284.Because they are one of the most increadably unique couples on tv
285.Because they represent both pure fantasy (their epic love) and realism (they have fights, and they don't always agree with what the other is doing but they always suppourt each other)
286.Because no matter how many times she thought she'd be better with Sawyer she always found her way back to Jack
287.Because even while we all waited patiently for Jate to be together we all never gave up our hopes and dreams of them, and lets face it paid off
288.Because“Their relationship was one of the first ones that drew viewers into the show.” (avclub)
289.Because "There's nothing more sad & tragic than 2 people that would've been great together, but can't."
290.Because "He has found love. And been loved. And he has finally found a way to love himself."
291.Because 'She kisses him. A deep, long, romantic and tragic kiss because they both know it's goodbye'
292. Because "Come with me. Let the island sink Jack"
293. Because “They lived together. They raised Aaron together. They got engaged, even. Kate and Jack made a good family.”–BTV
294. Because Jate is the only TV couple that made it to the Death-defying meet- cutes list
295. Because "Her plea for him to leave the Island with her and finally telling him what we were hoping to hear--that she still loved him" – Lost Looking Glass
296. Because “When Juliet told Kate, that Jack loved Kate, we knew it was something more serious than the kiss on the Island.” – Buddy Tv
297. Because “People would squirm upon learning that someone close to their hearts was a criminal. Not Jack: He gave Kate another chance.” – Buddy Tv
298. Because “Kate was hesitant with the idea of kissing Sawyer. Kissing Jack, on the other hand, happened in a snap!” – Buddy Tv
299. Because “You can sense the tension between the two as they dealt with the tight spaces and tried to get out of the net. “ – Buddy tv
300. Because “They met first, they've done many things together, and have become each other's confidantes. Kate's always been with him. “ – Buddy tv
301. Because “Jack told her to leave with Sawyer but she fought him because she didnt want her bond with Jack to die” – Lost Encyclopedia
302. Because “Despite his wishes, Kate still told Sawyer to rescue Jack from the Others. It's just one of many instances when Kate went after Jack. “ – Buddy Tv
303. Because “Why did Jack ask Kate to leave Hydra Island without him? Because he wanted her to be free from the Others” – Buddy tv
304. Because “The first person Kate looked for is Jack. Only when she knew he was safe she mourned for Sun&Jin. Sounds rude but that happens when you love a person.” – Buddy tv
305. Because “Jack showed his immense trust of Kate when he asked her to hold a mirror during his appendectomy. The fact that he didn't trust Juliet, a doctor, speaks volumes.” – Buddy tv
306. Because “It takes a lot of trust for someone to stitch your wounds up with basic sewing tools, and that's what Jack had for Kate. “ – Buddy tv
307. Because “The sparks between Kate and Jack exist in all timelines. When the two bumped into each other at the lavatory, there was some clear flirting as they pulled away. “ – Buddy Tv
308. Because “When Kate popped sleeping pills in Jack's drink so he could relax after Boone's death, she proved that she can give the stressed doctor a break when he needs it. “ – Buddy tv
 Here's fórum where we can put all our reason we amor Jack&Kate. You can write any reason you want in
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