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Hanneybean posted on Jul 21, 2009 at 01:34AM
I'm gonna have to say either the Seelie Court or in CoG when Clary (SPOILERS) lets Jace sleep with her...but not have sex.

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over a year ago Amina1111 said…
do they have sex in any of the books?......cuz i really want them too...;-D
over a year ago Zina17 said…
I loved the part when Jace "died" but clary wished him back to life and he said:
You could've wished for anything in the world, and you wished for me?
and clary says:
I dont want anything else
over a year ago audencalbray said…
I love the part in CoA when they're in Luke's house and Jace is like "I wish I could hate you, but then I see you and-" and then he stops. Then Simon walks in and ruins everything. (You can tell I'm not a great fan of Simon\Clary.)