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Rejoice iu fans, we know you've been waiting for this!

iu has finally made a personal Instagram account and confirms it today. It means mais fotografia and video clip atualizações straight from IU.

Global fãs would be delighted indeed. As for her first fotografia uploaded yesterday, iu seemed a bit lost and still exploring Instagram. However, iu raises a pergunta along with her selfie.

"Lee Ji Geum insta. Everyone why do you put #?"

T/N: Lee Ji Eun is IU's real name. 'Lee Ji Geum' is a play of words which means 'It's now.'

How cute of an Insta started she is! Help her with her pergunta por following: link

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While K-Pop may be full of amazing voices, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Be it range, power, or artistry, these female vocalists are the cream of the crop.
Check out these incredible vocalists, with clips provided in this list of 7 Of K-Pop’s Best Female Vocalists!

Lee Hi
This is one small girl with a big voice. Lee Hi's cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" is still one of the best K-pop idol covers of an English song to date.

Lee Haeri (of Davichi)
One half of Davichi, Lee Haeri always delivers in the emotion department. Watching her cantar expressions will have you feeling...
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iu recently attended a graduation of one of her fãs in order to keep the promise she made with her a ano ago.

It’s now been revealed that the graduation gift she prepared for the fã was worth approximately $15,000 USD.

On this day, she called up the fã onto the stage and congratulated her in person. She even performed a few songs for the students.

But that’s not all. She also gave all the students gifts that included flowers, cosmetics and chocolate.

And according to speculations por a netizen, the flores are worth $54 USD, the cosmetics $43 USD and the chocolate $1.40 and with 156 students, iu would have spent over $15,000 USD! Even with bulk discount, she would’ve spent well over $10,000 USD.

No one can deny that iu is simply an angel.

Ballad singer JOO has released a new single, “Cry and Blow,” for the first time in almost five years. Talking about her long hiatus in an interview, she begins to cry.

JOO debuted in 2008 under JYP Entertainment with the song “Because of a Man.” Her strong points were her clear tone and vibration, but she received a lot of negative comments online following her debut and could not perform well due to stage fright.

The singer put out only two albums during her seven-year contract with JYP. The contract ended last January and she joined Woollim Entertainment in April. “Cry and Blow,”...
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A member of IU's boyfriend Jang Ki Ha's band, Jang Kiha and the Faces, por the name of Jung Joong Yeop made a cute update on his Instagram!

The bassist posted on November 2 a picture of IU's new album, 'CHAT-SHIRE,' and wrote, "Kiha gave me this saying, 'It's a present.' When I saw this, I felt against my better judgment that it was worthwhile to do music."

The album picture shows IU's writing, which says, "Joong Yeop oppa. Please enjoy listening to this! I am supporting you!" So cute.


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Looks like we’ll be able to meet this all-star cast sooner than expected!

On May 5, SBS’s “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” announced that they will begin airing on August 29, following the end of “Doctors.” This also means it will be SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama.

Previously, they announced that the broadcast encontro, data was confirmed for sometime in September, which has evidently been revised since.

“Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” is a 100 percent pre-produced drama that is set in Korea’s Goryeo Dynasty, but with added modern and fantastical elements as well. It is based on a Chinese web novel and drama....
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Big Bang, J.Y. Park, and iu were voted as artists of the ano por netizens!

SEE ALSO: Chinese goddess Angela Baby shares VIP selca!

According to the 'Korean música Awards', voting results for 2015 showed that Big Bang, J.Y. Park, and iu won 'Artist of the ano chosen por Netizens' award.

For the voting, a total of 70 candidates were separated into categories. The division showed that there were a total of 22 male artists, 10 female artists, and 38 group artists.

The voting started at noon on February 15 and ended at midnight on February 22. There were a total of 26,542 voters. Big Bang received a total of 5,321 votes in the group category, J.Y Park received 1,425 votes in the male artist category, and iu received 3,654 in the female artist category.

Congrats to Big Bang, J.Y. Park, and IU!

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iu just had a very successful solo show, concerto 'CHAT-SHIRE', and fãs will be even happier to know that she'll hold another show, concerto this month!

LOEN árvore stated that iu will hold her encore show, concerto on December 30 and 31 at Seoul's Jamsil Sports Complex's school gymnasium.

It's a good thing IU's holding an encore concert, because there surely are fãs who weren't able to score a ticket to her first one. Tickets for her 'CHAT-SHIRE' show, concerto sold out immediately. She had concerts in Seoul, Busan and Daegu in late November and early December.

It looks like some lucky fãs will be spending their last few days of the ano with IU! Tickets go on sale December 10 at 8pm KST through Interpark.

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iu showcases her bright smile at the Like The First Time Soju event.

Since winter season is approaching, fãs get to see mais winter fashion from their favorito stars, what do you think about IU's winter fashion?






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Amidst the news of Lee Tae Im's car accident and the growing controversy over IU's "Zeze," tvN's 'SNL Korea' has jumped in headfirst with a parody that has caused its own controversy.

On November 10, the show's official facebook posted a picture to make light of the situation involving Dongnyok Publishing Company criticizing iu for her lyrics referencing 'My Sweet laranja Tree.' The picture's post used the title, 'Ms. Lee Tae Im. Sae Yoon is not that kind of child.'

The content borrows the voice and words from Dongnyok's official statement, saying, "Sae Yoon, as a 36-year-old nerd, is a child...
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While we’re all excited (or not) that iu and Jang Ki Ha are dating, an interesting bit of what iu and actress Min Hyo Rin said in the past has been dug up por Korean netizens.

Any iu fã knows that iu has named BIGBANG‘s Taeyang as her ideal type for a boyfriend for years. But as we all know, Taeyang is currently dating the actress Min Hyo Rin.


Interestingly enough, it turns out that Min Hyo Rin named Jang Ki Ha as her favorito celebrity in the past, as well. There is a Korean saying that says, “Life is so complicated that it’s hard to look even three centimeters ahead.” In this case, the Koreans seem to have been absolutely correct!


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Last time we looked at which female celebrity is women’s wanna be. Now it’s time to see what female idols such as Suzy, IU, Krystal, Taeyeon and Hani win all women hearts.

Some of the nation’s most in-demand female idols have been voted as the idol stars drove female to them. Until now, of mais than 105,000 women surveyed por Pikicast, about 22 percent chose iu as their No. 1 pick among female stars, while about 18 percent selected f(x) Krystal as their topo, início choice among female celebrities.

The survey also showed that these idol girls even have gained both male and female fans, while about...
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On a recent episode of MBC‘s My Little Television, EXID‘s Solji took over a karaoke room por her lonesome and sang IU‘s “Good Day” as she attempts the famous 3-octave note.

Already known for her superb vocal abilities, can Solji successfully pull off the 3-octave note iu is known in her hit track “Good Day”?

The episode aired on June 28th, and revealed Solji cantar a variety of songs. As she approached the famous 3-octave note, she belted out the notes and was unable to pull it off, laughing it off before she completed the track with a smile.

Check out her attempt below:

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Beauty marks are small spots that appear on the body, most typically on the face, neck and chest so labeled because they are known for adding a unique charm point to ones appearance.

In this list we bring you ten idols with unique beauty marks that accent their gorgeous faces. We do warn you: you might fall in amor with some of these beauty marks or become extremely envious!

1. f(x) – Sulli
First up on our list is f(x)’s Sulli. She has two distinctive beauty marks on her face—one on her left cheek and another on the tip of her nose. Maybe that’s why they call it a beauty mark: because...
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An interview that iu gave about atuação is being brought back to light.

IU, who has recently been confirmed as a female lead for the new drama “Producer,” had appeared as a guest on SBS‘s “Healing Camp” in July of 2014 and had revealed her feelings about acting.

At the time, iu expressed her amor for acting, saying, “Acting is really fun too. It’s completely different from singing. The emotions that I can’t express through singing, I can express through acting. I’d like to continue to do both in the future as well.”

She added, “In terms of emotions, in singing, my emotions are expressed after going through the melody and the lyrics, whereas in acting, the emotions are expressed as they are. I get to use emotions that I don’t normally use. I haven’t cried out loud since I was a baby, but through acting, I get to cry out loud or get angry, and can express emotions that way.”

source: Soompi
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iu (아이유) is a Korean pop singer and actress under LOEN árvore and debuted in 2008. In 2012 she made her official Japanese debut under EMI música Japan.

Stage Name: iu (아이유)
Real Name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
Birthdate: May 16, 1993 (age 19)
Birthplace: Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Hobbies: leitura
Favorite Artists: Gummy, Ha Dong Kyun, Taeyang, Kim Tae Woo, Tamia
Favorite Actors: Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Tae Yang, Han Ji Min

[2009.04.23] Growing Up
[2011.11.29] Last fantasia

[2008.09.23] lost and FOUND
[2009.11.12] IU...IM...
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Which stars do netizens most want to be with on New Year's to make a wish together?

Online mobile company NBT dropped the results of a survey they took targeting a total of 1,025 people from their teens to thirties, asking which celebrity they would want to make a New Year's wish with together.

In the end, Yoo Jae Suk came out in first place out of all the options with 14.1%. Following were Seolhyun with 13.1%, iu with 9.6%, So Ji Sub with 9.3%, Kim Soo Hyun with 8.5%, Park Bo Young with 7.1%, Kang Dong Won with 6.6%, Suzy with 4.9%, Park Seo Joon with 4.3%, and Yoo Ah In with 4%.

Apart from...
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Besides its survey of determining the best K-Pop rookie groups of 2015, estrela News conducted yet another survey to select '2015's Hottest Issue In Music.' The survey was based on the opinions of the same 28 experts of who had selected the best rookie groups.

There were innumerable controversies and issues which had bubbled in K-Pop this year, but many experts agreed that the most hotly debated issue was IU's 'Zeze' controversy, which had earned a total of ten votes.

The experts said, "IU's 'Zeze' didn't only became an issue in música but also in the pop culture sphere overall, creating a societal...
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The 2014 MAMA took place on December 3 at the AWE in Hong Kong, naming some of the greatest singers of the ano to receive prestigious prizes.

After powerful performances of its greatest hits this year, Infinite received the award for the K-Pop Fans′ Choice for a male artist. Hoya took the microphone to thank all seven members′ mothers. "Thank you to CEO Lee Joong Yeop for gathering the seven of us together."

Presented por Yong Jong Shin and Kang Sora, the Best Female Artist award was given to IU, who saw much success in 2014 with her remake album, collaborations with other artist, and more....
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Super Junior's Heechul and iu donated to victims of the recent Gangwon Province wildfire.

On April 5, reports revealed Heechul donated 30 million Won ($26,360.42 USD) to help those affected por the wildfire through the organization 'Fruits of Love', and iu donated 100 million Won ($87,870.50 USD) through the 'Green Umbrella Children's Foundation'.

As Gangwon is Heechul's hometown province, he expressed, "I was very hurt seeing the wildfires spread around the Kangwon Province. I hope this becomes a bit of help to the locals." The 'Green Umbrella Children's Foundation' also stated, "IU has consistently...
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