On the July 23 episode of 'Hyori's cama and Breakfast', iu revealed that she was scared of Lee Hyori.

The segment began with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon complimenting iu for working so hard, "If iu wasn't here, I think it would've been so hard and difficult. If she wasn't here I would be in the cozinha doing all the dishes alone again" said Lee Hyori while giving off a smile of relief. Lee Sang Soon followed, "She must be really tired too...she must be a little tense and nervous as well especially with the large age difference between her and us."

He continued while laughing, "She told me the last time she saw you was when you were promoting "Bad Girls" and that she was scared of you at the time because of the image. She didn't know you were like this." Lee Hyori replied, "I didn't know she was like this either. I thought she would be distant and reserved to herself but she feels like a neighborhood little sister. She's like a seguinte door little sister who is very nice and genuine."

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