There aren’t very many young female vocalists in the K-pop world, despite the demand for them in the industry. Thankfully, there are those few singers, both idol group members and soloists, who are considered vocalists with true musicianship. Here are the topo, início three female vocalists in their 20s chosen por industry insiders.

1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Topping the list is the leader of Girls’ Generation. With her solo debut with “I” in 2015, Taeyeon was given the opportunity to show off her vocal skills. Industry insiders overwhelmingly chose her as Korea’s topo, início female vocalist, with 19.44 percent of the votes going to her.

Insiders showered her with such praises as, “She’s a vocalist with unmatched visuals and timbre,” “Her solo album was filled with songs that were totally different from the usual Girls’ Generation concept, and her vocal spectrum is very wide,” and, “I was surprised at how easily [Taeyeon] can sing with her distinct voice and long breath phrases.”

2. IU

Tying for segundo place, iu was chosen por 11.11 percent of the industry insiders. One of the few active solo artists, the insiders called her a “rare item,” saying that she’s “an artist who’s received a lot of amor from all generations for showing exceptional talent across a wide spectrum, from her cantar and musicianship to her acting,” and that she has “a unique sensitivity and an uncanny, high tone.”

Some of her other biggest hits were “Friday,” “Good Day,” and “YOU & I.”

3. A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji

Also making segundo place with 11.11 percent of the votes is A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, who only recently made her solo debut with “Hopefully Sky.” Despite that, insiders said that Jung Eun Ji has proved her vocal talent not only as a lead vocal for her group, but also through her performance on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer.”

mais comments from insiders included, “Her cantar ability transcends her idol status, making large strides for idol vocalists,” “She’s got sensitivity, power, and character all wrapped up into one emotive person,” and, “I look progressivo, para a frente to hearing mais from her.”

Other than these topo, início three, Lee Hi, SISTAR’s Hyorin, 15&’s Baek Yerin, and EXID’s Solji all tied for third place in the poll. Other honorable mentions were Ailee, Son Seung Yeon, AOA’s Choa, Jessi, and MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

Who would make your list of topo, início female vocalists? Let us know in the comments!

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