The director for IU’s “Twenty-Three” música video has recently revealed his production process in response to allegations of sexual imagery and pedophilic themes in the música video. Yong Seok Choi, the founder of Lumpens and creative director at FEELGHOOD, uploaded his explanation on his own facebook page on November 7.

“Today, my wife asked me what I’m going to do if my child goes to school, sees what’s being written on the Internet, and asks if I’m a pedophile,” he writes. “My colleagues and I always enjoy hearing the fans’ analyses after we finish a production. There are people who analyze far beyond our expectations. As there are so many possible interpretations, please listen to my own interpretation and production process as a person who was directly involved in the video.”

He goes on to explain that iu had said in the first meeting that the songs in the new album were inspired por many different books. “When I heard her lyrics, I felt the same way as when I read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as a child. We started with the image of the Cheshire Cat, who asks you perguntas and never answers. We wanted to show an iu that she had never shown before.”


Netizens had questioned the meaning behind the scene in the música video where iu sings, “I want to be a child forever” and pours a formula bottle over a doll’s head. In response, he writes, “We wanted to express the contradictory content of the lyrics in an organic way. But if we were to pour water on the actress, it would have been a problem if the scene wasn’t shot correctly. So we decided to pour water on the doll instead. However, our assistant director felt that this did not sell the line ‘I want to be a child forever’ properly, and we replaced the water with a formula bottle instead.”

Finally, he spoke about the plagiarism accusations surrounding the teaser for “Zeze.” “In the first meeting, we had already decided most of the output and finished shooting the album jacket. There wasn’t anything mais to add to the tree, so we put a few oranges and created the animation to make it look like stop motion.”

“The filming was fun and we are proud of the result,” he concludes. “We hope that iu made good memories too.”

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