iPod iPod with Touchscreen?

samywamy10 posted on Jul 12, 2007 at 06:48AM
Hi guys and girls!
I am a new iPod fan because I got an iPod two days ago. Anyway, what is the point of an iPod with a touchscreen. I have the red Nano 8gb and it is FINE for me. Unless they want to get more technological (Even though they already dominate that department) I see no reason for it.

Let's hope it has new features..

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over a year ago amanda_cake said…
It is supposed to have wireless internet. Basically the iphone w/o the phone.
over a year ago pip_ku said…
Because it's touch screen you watch a video on the whole screen rather than use up space for the buttons and circle thing. It has wireless internet, so you can use it anywhere at home or in cafes. You can also plug it into your tv and watch videos from there :)

(I went to look at it at the apple shop yesterday lol)