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 Irken Liz
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This is a drawing I did and coloured of my IZ character Liz.
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zim heads over 2 invader fang's base and he told invader fang that he needs 2 invade earth so fand told zim yes i will invader earth and so they did but dib keeps on desturbing them and so zim and fang called the martians and the other irkens over and the whole fleet conquered earth til one dia zim saw dib capturing the tallest they where saying help we have been captured por an earth specimen named dib and so zim and fang teamed up with invader bracy invader tootoo and invader swellow and they all rescue them from dib invader carrot and invader wong and invader kelly and invader ashpod joined in and they all save the almighty tallest and went back 2 girsmurf22 and titanicdragon and pastachick they also was happy 2 c invader zim return and we all had a party on zim's victory of conquering earth and so the legends continues in or on planet irk and they have a celebration on it and the tallest premoted them all 2 almighty tallest also
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