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 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Death
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arte dos fãs
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(direct copy paste, because of some fucking idiot trying to bring the topic back up again, and going about it the completely wrong way.)

What is Fanpop? A friendly place where many individuals of any age, can get together and post pictures, videos, and more.

On Fanpop, there are things called "FANCLUBS", where people can post their pictures, videos, and more.

Invader Zim Fancharacters are about OC's for the lovely morbid show, Invader Zim. Who is in this group? Mostly younger kids, around 12 or so. There are a few older teens here and there, as well. What is this group's purpose? To collect and...
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This is just a trailer of my new story coming up...

Well, obviously, this isn't the first chapter, but I'm wanting your opinion on a few of things.


So, anyway, if you want your character in it, comment.

So, let's get on with it.

[10 Years ago]

"Son, take this with you."
I looked up at my father with tears in my eyes. I was only a few years of age, and I hadn't learned much. I was on training to becoming an Invader, but I had no interest in it. It seemed pointless to become one. I thought as soon as you became one, you were sent on a lethal mission to your own death, so I slacked...
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Source: i drew wolfys OC
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If cindy had a pop theme this is what I imagine it would be like :3
invasor zim
posted by RosaluvzJB
Okay, since some of you misunderstood. I'm not saying that everyone who turns in thiefs are butthurt trolls. I'm talking about Art-theft hunter groups on dA (Two in particurlar) that go OVERBOARD and go on to people's pages and say that thier fanart is copyrighted and needs to be removed, when it's not the case at all. They think they are doing good, and I'm sure they mean well. but not EVERY peice of art that is fanart is stolen. One girl even made a whole folder of "stolen" work that she didn't even have proof was stolen and half wasn't. All i'm saying is you need to make sure it's really stolen before you denunciar it.
posted by invaderzimrox
The helper invaders were gathered around for a SIR unit, and Riz was next. She was often made fun of por the others because she has bright cyan eyes, a little duller dress,(same with sleeves)and spiked black boots. Whenever someone made fun of her, she was tempted to hit them back, but she was too nice for that nonsense. She was just standing there with her eyes closed, not realizing that she was seguinte for a SIR. "Hey...Hey..HEY!!!" The Red Tallest screeched.
"Huh...What..." She studdered. "This isn't a joke, Riz. We can automatically make you return to Irk." he shouted. "I..I'm sorry...I just...
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 This is one of the Posters in the room
This is one of the Posters in the room
When tolet, violet finally woke up from her sleep, she was very surprised to find herself laying in a cama that felt like a nuvem mais than anything, and with flor staring at her with a kind smile on her face. ''Morning sleepyhead! How did you sleep?'' she asked kindly while Widow was carrying a tray with sunnyside eggs, a piece of torrada, brinde and a glass of laranja suco, suco de on it. ''Good, but where are we?'' tolet, violet asked, feeling very confused. ''We're on Earth silly!'' flor said while giggling. ''Well you better eat that quickly, because we're going to school for the first time! I'm so excited!'' Flower...
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this is a theme song for all duuuuuh couples on her X3
posted by Foxy10
Okay so I'm starting a thing called Under The Irkenstance and it's going to be like let's reads, reviews, cosplay crap, photos, and other such thingys! :3 I hopefully will get the first Ep of a let's read up today and keep doing them! :3 The website is still under construction (I was up late last night starting it up) and is running me ragged. Ugg websites YU so mean! I'm editing as fast as I can so I can get it up and running sometime this week or seguinte week.

Also I could use some help and staff is open at the moment it's super easy even Andy could do it (Andy: -_-). Well that's about it at the moment back to work! >:3
posted by woowie
It was a normal night. I went to go on Fanpop, but was suddenly sucked into another dimension. I got up. It was a Psychonauts/Invader Zim/Danny Phantom/Fanboy and Chum Chum/JtHM world! She stayed for a very long time.







Then I ticked Nny off, he killed me, and I came back to life.

Naw what REALLY happened is I didn't have Internet ALL summer cuz my Pop was being stupid and got rid of it, then I moved in with my Aunt, and forgot about fanpop for a while. CUZ DA TEMPTED ME.
posted by invaderlily
On the first dia of school, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect about these kids. They say “OMG!!! “ way too often. So, how would they act now? I don’t know. : (
The sino rang. I took my stuff and followed the stampede of junior high students.
I walked into the hallway. “hey !” I heard someone behind me, it was Stacy. “I amor your new backpack!” she said “did you get the new video game?” I think Stacy is a little weird. “Yeah, I got the new game… how was your summer?” I changed the subject. “It was great! I went to Oregon.” “Bye-Bye.” I said quickly to...
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posted by Stuffy
Stevie: *runs around like an idiot* Wheeee! :D *climbs up a building* Ah. *sits down on the topo, início ledge* Hungry. *smiles and lays down*

Bird: *passes por cantar a song*

Stevie: *quickly grabs the bird and shoves it in her mouth* Nom nom....*watches the sun rise up* It would be nice to control the sun...but Stevie not Invader, can't fly, no ship. *giggles and jumps to a nearby building but misses* AHHHH! D:> *falls and lands on her back* Ow. c: *gets up and walks into the middle of the road* ^^

It: *driving* Man its dark already- HOLY SHIT! *swerves out of Stevie's way and crashes* Wtf?! *gets...
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posted by InvaderStickly
Show your life before it ends
What is amor without the show

It's life without the show

It's like a good person at death

Cause no one might know but you

You got them good

No one really thinks

You exist, you've been paying

Attention to the girl

The thing that I'm saying is to show

Show it all
Sure everyone exists but some people don't notice

You haven't revealed the crush but you should really show it

Right now...
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posted by guppi_sirus
just like every verrann at the age of 25, marrez got married to her betrothed partner bbewar. later marrez layed 1 egg. 1 yr. later another. 2 yrs. later another. thy all turned out to be boys. Zadonn, Nixx, and Chazz. but marrez wanted to have a girl. so five yrs. later she layed one mais egg. witch didnt contain a girl. but 2 girls. twins. thats where I come in. mom named me sirus and she named my twin sister sisilius. when me and sisilius entered our fifth yr. of life mom and dad decided to take us to the surface world of our planet. witch isnt much. most of it is ocean. anywho, no verrann...
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posted by woowie
Scorch opened his eyes. He gasped and shot up in fright. Where was he!? He didn't recognize this place at all. He scented something- somebody- that he should remember. But it was stale. He also picked up a bunch of other stale scents. However, they were all strange to him. The only one that was even slightly familiar was a slight trace of Irken.

"Scorch!" a voice startled him, "You're awake at last!" Scorch spun around, ready to pergunta whoever the voice belonged to. He opened his jaws, but paused. 'I know this Lightopian!' he immediately thought.

"K-Kat..." the young Firio stuttered. "Still...
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