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 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Death
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Source: Irkensona, Griffon, art-(c) Saber
arte dos fãs
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Source: Characters and art por me.
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Source: Characters and art por me.
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Source: Characters and art por me.
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Source: Characters and art por me.
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Source: Characters and art por me.
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    It was so dark that I couldn't see my hand when I held it three inches from my face. I felt the cold, rough dirt ground beneath my feet. The cool air was thick with fear. My fear. There is no sound exept for my heavy breathing. Wait, I can hear someone call my name way off in the distance.
    "Kierra! Where are you? I need you!,"
    I recognized Zero's voice instantly, and, remembering the terrible thing that happened the last time we were in a place so dark, starting running in the direction the voice was coming from.
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Zim couldn't wait until the school dia was over. He hated all the filthy humans in his class and often daydreamed of the dia when he would finally conquer this wretched planet and all its disgusting inhabitants.

But for now, he'd have to blend in with them and make them believe that he's human, and to do that, he'd have to observe them.

Zim tore his eyes away from the feijão paste on his lunch tray and scanned the cafeteria.

As soon as he looked up, he saw Dib walking his way.

"So Zim, I'm having a Dia das bruxas party. And... you're invited," he said reluctantly.

He set a card on the table...
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Source: Beloungs to Zerna On DA. I drew this.
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Adoption set!

Invader Libby (Female) and Her S.I.R Lana (female)
Nurse Sidney (Irken female)
Docter Carl (Irken Male)
Seed the Guard (Irken Female)
Invader Peeky (Male) And His S.I.R Tiny (Male)
Elizabeth the kid human (female)
Maze the Teen (Female)
Nick the Teen (Male)
You can only have One! If they have two together you can have the two together.

I might have another adoption later! ....
..............Ummmm so yaaaaaaa im bored just choose a pic to adopt one
 Nurse Sidney
Nurse Sidney
 Invader Libby and Lana
Invader Libby and Lana
 Seed the Guard
Seed the Guard
 Invader Peeky and Tiny
Invader Peeky and Tiny
Dib nodded his abnormally large head and moved the cursor towards "Christopher Membrane." He clicked, and it took a bit of time to load. His dad's website was very informative, so therefor, very slow.
Gaz waited impatiently. Once it loaded, she slapped Dib.

"Ow! What was that for?!" he asked.

Gaz gave a sly smile and replied. "So I could have the laptop."

Dib reluctantly stood up from his computer chair and pulled it out for his sister. He left the room and went into the cozinha to get a soda. Gaz slid down into the chair and read the article, which said:

"Professor Christopher Membrane-

Age: 35....
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Source: Blaze(c)invaderblaze
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how we laughed how we played everyday with you was a sunny day. i would hold you when you cried i cant believe this is goodbye. everyday i think of you its hard to say this is even true. you were my friend, my brother protect me from the others. but now your gone is it so wrong to see you smiling in the clouds way up there? i know your watching me from afar making sure no one hurts me. you were a lover, a fighter, and a brother. a shoulder, a caregiver a sheild. everyone thinks our friendship is wrong but i dont care i mover along. every dia i look up in the sky and always ask myself "why?" no answer i know your still loving me. you may be gone and we may be torn apart. but that doesnt mean you will always live in my heart.

deticated to heavenly13. r.i.p we all amor and miss you :(
(Cynder, Zim, Sasha, Yami, Bakura, Cupcake, Gir, and Mokuba are sitting around on bolo de copo beanbags trying to decide what to do)

Cynder:hey, i know! let's play a game!

Yami: let me guess; story writer?

Cynder: YEP! I'll start. Yesterday

Zim: humans

Sasha: gathered

Yami: in

Bakura: the

Cupcake: ocean

Gir: which

Mokuba: made

Cynder: them

Zim: burn

Sasha: because

Yami: the

Bakura: water

Cupcake: had

Gir: oil

Mokuba: floating

Cynder: on

Zim: the

Sasha: surface

Yami: and

Bakura: it

Cupcake: was

Gir: on

Mokuba: fire.

Cynder: Today

Zim: Sasha

Sasha: and

Yami: Miley

Bakura: Cyrus

Cupcake: were

Gir: fighting

Mokuba: in

Cynder: muddy

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Source: i drew it,PoeticError owns veil
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lin: *leans on jet's shoulder* damn i getting tired are we almost there?

jet: i cant even my coração still beating?

lin: *puts hand on jets chest* ....

jet:.....*heart beats*

lin: your good....

wave: -.- just look at those two...."hehe when are you gonna ask me jet? hehehehe" honestly jets not lin's future husband.....

spoon: *sighs* wave mover on will ya? i mean why do you like jet so much?

wave: he's like me...lin almost gave him up for me....

spoon: lin is fragile like i am if i were you i just tell her...

wave:....right *walks up to lin* lin uh...can i talk to you for a second?

lin: uh...sure...
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(direct copy paste, because of some fucking idiot trying to bring the topic back up again, and going about it the completely wrong way.)

What is Fanpop? A friendly place where many individuals of any age, can get together and post pictures, videos, and more.

On Fanpop, there are things called "FANCLUBS", where people can post their pictures, videos, and more.

Invader Zim Fancharacters are about OC's for the lovely morbid show, Invader Zim. Who is in this group? Mostly younger kids, around 12 or so. There are a few older teens here and there, as well. What is this group's purpose? To collect and...
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