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DIB (age 16)

Trapped...just one word that describes the event happening as I speak. People don't realize aliens are this close to destroying man kind. Why was I trapped? Where was I trapped? I believe this part will speak for itself...

"Hey big head! Quit thinkin out loud and eat your slop like the other slobs!"

"My head isn't that big!"

"Can it!"

Still don't know? I am trapped in the skool cafeteria (and yes I know 'skool' is spelled S-C-H-O-O-L I just did it for effect)...

"Gaz im telling you Zim is up to something..."

"Isn't he always 'up to something'?"

"It's different Gaz!"

"Like how? You know...
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Hi there! Welcome to my club! I am not gonna say the name again because it is a mouthful. So the name kinda explains itself. You can post a vid or pic of your iz couple or even role-play. It's that simple. Kinda. You need to make it appropriate for little kids and old people. Please feel free to turn a convo into roleplaying. So that is all I have say. Look for my OCs tekki and ishta, and any new ones. Please invite others so mais fãs will join. And feel free to comment on his to make it a role-play. Oh yeah, also look for my OC larcie and her tir unit yoyo
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Ishta:*in mind* what do I tell her? How do I ask her? It is all so confusing. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna ask her.

Tekki: where could he be? He said he needed to talk to me? What do you think it could be Larcie?

Larcie: well I don't know tekki. I'm confused out of my mind just like you. It could be anything.

Ishta:*walks in room* um, Larcie can I talk to tekkatina alone?

Larcie: sure. *walks out of room after giving tekki a thumbs up* *closes door then presses ear against it*

Ishta: um…

Tekki: you wanted to talk to me about something?

Ishta: what I wanted to talk to you about was, um,… will you, um…

Larcie: *wispers* get on with it already!

Tekki: did you hear something?

Larcie: oops!


Tekki and Larcie: *simultaneously* gasp!

Tekki: y-yes!!
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