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Era Switch RP  silverstream101 4 6579 over a year ago
InuYasha Picture Contest  NocKairu 188 30314 over a year ago
Character, plot and or quirk switch or reversal, who would be who, or what what would be what?  sesshyswind 6 5748 over a year ago
INUYASHA, but ((NO TETSUSAIGA))???  sesshyswind 9 3509 over a year ago
Post your best picture of anyone in Inuyasha. You can win Props!!!  Hanyou-Kagome 9 3276 over a year ago
InuYasha Picture Contest: Winners List  NocKairu 19 3158 over a year ago
Post Your best pictures here, anything Inuyasha! Best quality gets Props!  sesshyswind 26 8160 over a year ago
amor vs Hate fórum  sesshyswind 11 3925 over a year ago
The No-Demon Tetsusaiga Issue  sesshyswind 2 1208 over a year ago
Role Playing  OrihimeLuv 6 1904 over a year ago
Bein' a creeper. I'm kidding. No wait- Don't leave!-  EJayneC 0 697 over a year ago
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Don't u think inuyasha is sooooooooo hot?  InuyashaCat17 10 1294 over a year ago
Are there any older fãs here?  astroasis 14 2136 over a year ago
which do is cuter inuyash or koga?  eeyorelvr 11 1629 over a year ago
How about this?!  Orihime 12 1468 over a year ago
seguinte inuyasha Show  Nakaru 4 1422 over a year ago
What?! THeres no Sesshomaru club?! i cant be the only one who thinks hes totaly cool!  Lucy64 6 1656 over a year ago
Inuyasha-Kagome's Child  IndahArifallah 2 1967 over a year ago
Anyone else bored as hell and like to talk Inuyasha, well what do you want to say?  sesshyswind 12 3280 over a year ago
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"InuYasha: The Final Act" in English?  InuYasha11 0 2200 over a year ago
KOGA  NESSA13 1 1356 over a year ago
between life and death  inuyashaxkagome 1 1081 over a year ago
RP  Vamp_Gurl101 0 899 over a year ago
To My Fanfic Readers  Sango112 0 1044 over a year ago
school are inoing!!!  Orihime 1 1137 over a year ago
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