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posted by celia-chan
Shindou Takuto (神童拓人) is a main protagonist of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He was a forward, in the past, and midfielder and also the captain for Raimon (GO). After he got hospitalized, he decided that Matsukaze Tenma should become captain for Raimon.
In the Chrono Stone series, he became a defensive midfielder for Raimon, Entaku no Kishi, El Dorado Team 02, also being captain for the team, and for Chrono Storm.

In the Galaxy series, he was chosen to be a defensive midfielder of Japan's team, Shinsei Inazuma Japan. After the truth was revealed behind the FFIV2, he became a midfielder...
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posted by celia-chan
Akane, just a typical girl who has castanha brown hair and lilás colored eyes and likes to take pictures especially if her subject is none other then Shindou Takuto or Shin-sama as she always calls him, was walking around the school to find some other subjects for her pictures when she heard someone whistling. She followed the sweet sound only to find her beloved Shin-sama whistling,Shindou realizing that Akane was looking at him stopped whistling.

"Oh hello Akane." He smiled.

Akane being as shy as ever,quickly looked down and replied with a soft hello as her cheeks slowly turned red. Shindou...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: We are BACK BABY!

IE cast: *Horror música in background* O-O But you guys....haven't written anything about this fanfic for months!

Conner: Well someone sent us some T & D's!


Sai: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Let the torture begin!! X3

Conner: This batch of T & D's are from...*Drum roll* RuvyGrace

* Tsunami: Eat Natsumi's comida or carrots
* Fudou: Eat Natsumi's comida or tomatoes
* Natsumi: Eat your own food~


* Aphrodi: How do you do your hair? O.O Isn't that impossible?
* Gazel: Is your hair soft? O_o How do you get it that...
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Kyle comes"Last time on Total Drama Island,we had learn lots of thing.No. 1 we learn that Ash is as fast as cheetah,we also learn that never to crush Ash or else Misty will crush you and Nelly Raimon learn that the hard way.Lastly we learn that Mark Evans that so called nice guy is actually a Backstabbing traitor.How will he betray his team again,find here on Total Drama Island".

At the Camp-site the remaining campers are taking a nice sleep.In the Cyber peixe boys side of the cabine Mark is dreaming that he is torturing Nelly to death"Yeah take this,Muhahahaha".Axel dreams that he is destroying...
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posted by ChocoLuvr101
Alright, throughout the Inazuma Eleven fanbase, one of the most supported is Natsumi X Gouenji. I think mostly the fonte of this ship is because it is said in wikipedia that Natsumi likes Gouenji. As much as I say rely on wikipedia to help me in my schoolwork, I will say it is not always a reliable fonte of info since it could be edited anytime as long as you have a wikipedia account.

But let's cut wikipedia out of this first guys and use our own obsevation skills, have we ever seen anything in the series that hints that Gouenji or Natsumi has any feelings for eachother? If there was, I'd...
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posted by SvenPlaysBlaze
Sven and Anushka:WE ARE BACK
IE cast: oh good the Demons are back
*Sven pulls out the fogo sword again*:somebody said something
IE cast:NO
Anushka:ok guys lets go whit T&D
Ichinose:Tell aki to marry her and have a wedding
while Rika is Watching
Hiroto:say Anushka sorry and tell her that she is pretty
Toramaru:Be in the de praia, praia and surf whit Tigers
Endou:ask Rococo a fight for Natsumi
All boys exepct Sven:YOU LIKE all the girls and All girls admit you like All boys
jack:how did you get so fat
Genda sakuma fudou admit you...
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