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 Yoona @ KBS Etertainment Awards
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Yoona @ KBS Etertainment Awards
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This Im yoonA fotografia might contain dama de honra, empregada doméstica de honra, polonesa, polonês, polonaise, and kirtle.

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--- BoA (Heechul, BoA & Yoona are really close.)
--- FT Island Lee Hongki did Yoona's part from her old Clean&Clear CF. *NOTE: mais concrete info is needed to include him officially in the fanboy category.*
--- Hwang Jung Eum, *actress, ex-Sugar member*, said that she wants to style Yoona the most. (Interview)
--- Lee Tae Sung, *actor*, finally got his wish of getting Yoona's phone number! (Article; Intimate Note S3)
--- Kang Ho Dong, *show host, comedian, ex-wrestler*, treats Yoona favorably when she appears on his shows; likes to tease her.
--- SNSD/SoShi...
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Another interesting still cuts released on 'Prime Minister and I', YoonA's seen decorating prime minister's office natal árvore at the prime along with Lee Bum Soo's son. It was a perfect scene foe Christmas, celebrating it with the amor ones we have!

In other stills released, YoonA and Lee Bum Soo get to bond as they both attended their child's natal concert. The children looks incredible on their Christmas-y uniforms, as well as YoonA looks captivating on her blouse!
This scene was filmed last December 19th, and YoonA and Lee Bum Soo make sure that the child actors felt comfortable on their scenes. YoonA showed smiles throughout the filming which helps her and Lee Bum Soo get the perfect timing for their sweet scenes.
Make sure to stay tuned for mais 'Prime Minister and I' still cuts!
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