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The fans pick: Iggy
The fans pick: Iggy azaléia, azaleia
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2 fãs answered this question
2 fãs answered this question
2 fãs answered this question
2 fãs answered this question
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Iggy azaléia, azaleia mural

CatLover2985 said …
i am just listening to pretty girls its so awesome but i still amor Selena best sorry Posted over a year ago
Makeupdiva commented…
You realize there is a big difference between Iggy and Selena? Selena sings pop, Iggy sings rap. It's like comparing Justin Bieber to Eminem, just wrong. over a year ago
TopDoc said …
Iggy hold up don't do it! Posted over a year ago
big smile
sini12 said …
Girls roll up! Windows roll down
Eyes on us! Jaws on the ground!!"

Earlier I didn't liked pretty girls song much,but after watching the video,I quite like it :D wbu you azaleans?
Posted over a year ago