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‘Can we just get this over with?’, Hugh almost screamed at his co-workers. Jesse and Olivia almost froze as Robert signed to Greg they needed to take a break. Hugh saw this and hissed audibly as he punched against a mural and stormed off to his trailer. ‘What has gotten into him?’, Jesse said still stunned por the behavior of the usually so polite Englishman. No one of the crew answered as they were all still in shock. Robert was the first to talk as he knew Hugh better than most of them, ‘Just ehm.. fix the mural and maybe prepare for another scene… I’m going to talk to him.’ Some of the crewmembers nodded as their expressions had gone from shocked to worried…

Robert knocked multiple times on the door of his friends’ trailer before Hugh angrily opened the door and almost blew off his ears. ‘Go away! Haven’t I made it clear I don’t want to see anyone? Why did you think I went to my trailer, don’t you Americans understand anything!’ Hugh quickly shut the door as Robert frowned at his reaction. ‘Hugh please…’, Robert started, ‘You can’t just soco the mural and storm off and not expect any questions! That’s not fair!’ ‘What do you know about fair! People die every day, children get sick, is that fair? Is it?’, Hugh yelled back. ‘Hugh, please talk to me. Does this have something to do with Lisa?’ Robert thought they were just friends but as no one could really figure out how much the friendship between those two covered, he thought he should give it a shot. No response. ‘She’s coming back from New York in…’ ‘I know she’s coming back from New York in 2 days! This has nothing to do with her!’ Robert sighed, ‘O come on Hugh, I know something is wrong I haven’t seen you this angry since you found out Jo was sleeping with the gardener! And I know that can’t be it this time as you’ve been divorced for 2 years now!’

Hugh ripped the door open and pulled Robert inside. ‘Exactly! I am divorced! I am 50 and divorced and as if that wasn’t bad enough already, my brother called me this morning and insists I come to his New Year’s party!’ Robert frowned as he didn’t really understand were Hugh was going with this. ‘I don’t think I…’ Hugh let himself fall on the sofá and mumbled something, while Robert was still deep in thought. ‘What is so bad about celebrating New Years at your brothers?’ ‘Nothing, except for the fact that I have to bring a date!’

Robert sighed as he grabbed something to drink for himself and his friend. Hugh’s anger seemed to calm a bit as he drank the drinque suave, refrigerante Robert gave him. ‘So… may I ask what is so terrible about bringing a date?’ Hugh sighed, ‘Except for the lack of good things that can come from it?’ ‘O come on, it could be really great. Spending your nights with some nice woman instead of watching TV and drowning in misery wouldn’t hurt you, you know.’ Hugh put his head in his hands, ‘I know, that does sound nice, but…’ ‘But what Hugh? It has been 2 years! Get yourself out there! There are thousands if not millions of women who would want to go out with you!’ ‘I know that! Those interviewers can’t stop telling me that. But I don’t want those women, they think they know me but they don’t. They expect going on a encontro, data with the exciting Gregory House but end up with a boring fifty ano old Englishman that is happy that his hair turns grey, because at least that means he has some hair left.’ Robert closed his eyes for a little while as he sighed and thought of a way to cheer his friend up. ‘Not all woman are like that and you’re not that boring either. Maybe you find someone you’ll like. You can’t hate dating without trying it.’ ‘Maybe… But let’s go back to the set. I think I have some apologizing to do.’, Hugh said thereby announcing the end of the conversation. ‘Okay, but we’ll talk about this later…’, Robert said following his friend back to the set…


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