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posted by huddycallianfan
One girl linked me link, so I am just posting it here. I did NOT write this. I just wanted to share with you girls, because this was so fun to read! ;))
Attention: This is 'M' (or maybe even MA?!XD) rated fictional story! Very smutty! XD Anyway, enjoy! :P

oh, BTW, I added a couple of pictures because this way it is funnier and mais real. :P


[my input: ignoring everything that had happened after...
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posted by cheery_blossom
Ahhh. hmmmm. Where to begin...

Well today, when I showed up at school, I was talking to a big group of people (who also watch House). They were all calling Cuddy a cadela, puta for dating Lucas. Now I come on here and see the same thing, and i'm sick of it already

Maybe it's just me, maybe i'm getting WAY to into the characters or the show, but I just dont see how Cuddy dating someone other than House merits being called a bitch.

I mean, c'mon. Weve seen five full (fabulous!) season's of House. As far as i can remember, every character has had a happy relationship at some point or another. Except Cuddy....
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Part 10


(Cuddy paused a moment.)

Cuddy: They asked me to bring a witness with me when I sign the papers seguinte week. I was wandering if you would come with me.

(House looked up into Cuddy’s eyes with a serious face.)

House: Sure.

Cuddy: Great.

(There was an awkward moment and then House left.)

Cuddy: Wait.

(House’s hand was about to open her office door when he turned around.)

(Cuddy walked towards him.)

Cuddy: I don’t want you thinking that I will forget about you House.
House: I’m not. I’m happy for you, like I said—

Cuddy: I know.

(There was a tender moment when they...
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posted by Ladyluck523
** Spoilery for 5x23 – Under My Skin and 5x24 - Both Sides Now **

I’m in a Huddy induced frenzy at the moment and nervous about Monday’s finale so I’m hoping that jotting down my thoughts and current insights will help calm me down enough. (I wrote this and 2 other articles. Tells you how antsy I am LOL).
*EDIT - Updated this timeline based on the season finale...a sigh and a ARGH! It's gonna be a LONG summer. :(

This is assuming Cuddy was truthful when she told House she was 38 earlier this season (5x17 – Social Contract).
I worked out this timeline of Huddy. It is now unclear if Cuddy...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Latest chapter in the Fan-isode “It’s About Time.” For the complete story visit link .

Disclaimer: I don’t own House. David costa and raposa do. Dang it.

“It’s About Time”
Chapter Nine

    Cuddy had only talked with Jacob’s dad for a couple of minutos before she was sure that what had happened was all just a big mix-up. In fact, if blame had to be given it would fall also on Jacob’s mother’s shoulders. The father had expected the mom to pick up Jacob only 30 minutos after he had left Jacob sleeping peacefully in his bed. The next-door neighbor had left earlier...
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posted by Belle0308
I became a "Huddy" the first night that House ever aired. It happened the moment he quoted the philosopher "Jaeger" to Cuddy when he said "You can't always get what you want". She earned her place in my coração when she came back at him with "It turns out that you just might get what you need". On the strength of that quote started, what I believe is one of the greatest TV romances ever. For whatever it may or may not be, I can tune in any week and not typically get what I want from Huddy, but if I wait long enough, I might get what I need. For the writers know what I like to pretend isn't true....
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Eastwood, PPTH’s director agreed to let Cuddy stay in Michigan for another two weeks and within that little span of time, Audrey and Stephen had spent some quality time with their granddaughter who just learned how to speak mama while dada or papa were on it’s way. Sadly, the dia had come and with a heavy heart, Cuddy began packing their things so did House as Rachel was being attended for the last time por her grandparents. He saw tears were beginning to flow down so he went to caress her shoulder for relief which she returned with a look and smile for him.
“We’ll be back,” he reassured....
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posted by tammyr50
I know this will probably be a controversial chapter but I wrote as truthfully and respectfully as I could.

The journey início for Wilson and House was filled with a silence that concerned Wilson. House had not come forth with any details about the conversation between he and Cuddy. He hadn't really said much at all. Wilson was hesitating in asking because if the beast was asleep inside House he did not want to awaken it again.

"Your speech went well yesterday."

If I remember correctly, “I wasn't given a choice about giving the speech.” I seem...
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Very interesting artigo from TV Guide and Eloise James
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked best-selling romance writer and House fã Eloisa James how House stacks up against the heroes in her books.

At first glance, Dr. House is nothing like a conventional romantic hero. Can you imagine him bare-chested on a book cover, a bodacious blonde (or perhaps a ravishing radiologist) drooping in his arms? Not so much. House is the "Hunchback of Princeton," as Hugh Laurie himself once said. He's a disagreeable, physically (and emotionally) crippled genius. He'd hold up that blonde just long enough...
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posted by LaurieLover
Chapter 4 as promised. Sorry I have taken so long to post it, somehow “REAL LIFE” got in the way!!!

You may have to go back and re-cap...sorry 'bout that.....but the story needed to have it's ending.

Again for the under 18's I trust you will exercise the necessary restraint, and avoid leitura that which is NOT appropriate for you.

Lying on her side Cuddy opened her eyes. Not moving she remembed the events of the anterior night and what followed with House. She was happy and comfortable and most importantly she was deeply in love. She felt like it was all a dream, she had wanted him for so...
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posted by ilovehouse345
House and Cuddy walk in tothe restraunt, praying to god that wilson will not see them together,They walk up to hostess....

"reservation under House."

"Ah, yes right this way please."

The hostess leads them to there table,on their way they pass Wilson but thankfully for them them he was talking to Sam and didnt see them.They make it to the mesa, tabela and the hostess hands them there menus.

"What is Wilson doing here."

"Isnt it obvious , hes's on a encontro, data with the devil."



"I know you dont like her but Wilson is dating her so you should give a chance."


after they ordered cuddy went to...
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posted by Huddy26
Cuddy grabs her casaco and bolsa from her office and hurries to meet House por the doors. They both look t each other and walk out into the moonless night.
"I'll drive" House says
Cuddy quickly side steps in front of him, blocking his path
"Oh no you won't" She says and pulls her keys from her bag.
House suddenly snatches them and runs (or t least walks really fast do to his leg) to his motorcycle. Cuddy looks down and walks over to the bike. She sits and back and wraps her hands around his chest to keep from falling off.


House pulls in to a parking spot and...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Thanks for tuning back in to the House Fanisode: “It’s About Time….” I’m enjoying composição literária it and hope you are all enjoying leitura it. Thanks for the reviews. New readers: for the entire Fanisode go to link

DISCLAIMER: I own the first five seasons of House on DVD and own a reservation for season six. I own a couple of books about House and mais than a couple of pictures of the man called House. My TiVo owns a preset time to record any new House episode regardless of whatever else is being watched on television. But alas, I do not own House. Sigh.

It’s About Time…
Chapter Eight

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posted by Fabouluz
Cuddy arrived back home, and dropped her pasta, maleta to the floor; leaning on the back of her closed front door. Walking dreamily to her kitchen, taking out a bottle of red wine and a single wine glass.

After changing into her pyjamas; a simple white camisola, camisole with a renda, rendas, laço edge, and light rosa, -de-rosa pyjama pants, which looked extra baggy on her small frame.

Reaching for the bottle, she uncorked it and poured a generous amount into the deep wine glass, and then sunk into her sofa, legs crossed and her arm lying across her stomach as she drank a quarter of the glass in one sip.

10 o’clock. The clock on...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
The broken pieces of a glass House threw minutos after Wilson left had been cleared por the nurses and all things are back to normal now, well, not really. The diagnostician hasn’t been himself since the argument broke out and he feels nothing but guilt and deep regret. He wanted so many things as he sat por his window sill and he wanted all of them to be granted right on that moment. He wanted a time machine to bring back time, he wanted a bang to his head for him to come back to his senses and he wanted Cuddy to go back to his life. Unfortunately, none of those can be granted. He wasted everything...
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posted by HuddyBrave
( Continuation of The kiss, The explination, and the middle of the night.)I dont own anything and the fã art is not mine.
Tell me what you think. :)

Chapter 3
The seguinte Day

“ House?? Why arent you at work yet?? Call me back as soon as you get this.” I asked on his answering machine because it was 11:30 am and House still hadn’t showed up yet.

“Where is House?” I asked Wilson.
“I don’t know. Why are you asking me?”
“Because I know you know. What does he have a girl friend? Or did he get hurt?” I asked kind...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/n sorry for the delay...i haven't had the time to i hope you enjoy this fets better as the story goes on...i've written part 8 xD and review.

House got off the elevator at the 4th floor and made his way to his office, sat down and opened Wilson's lunch as he pulled a fork from the inside of his coat. He smiled greedily.
He took a mouthful of the massa, massas alimentícias but as soon as he did that he was interrupted por none other than Dr. Foreman.
"We've got a case," he said lazily.
"Can't," said House with his mouth full of food. Foreman glares at him whilst thrusting the dark blue...
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posted by cheery_blossom
Gregory House
532138 louro, laurel rua
Mayfield Phsychiatric Hospital
Room 524


You amor her. I knew it. Ive known it all along. Probably longer than you have. and in spite of all thats happened, im.......happy. Im happy you finally realized ands admitted how you felt.

As for Cuddy not returning your letters, i dont know what to say about that. I havent seen her since she was discharged last wednesday. She went home, took a sick leave(wich might be true, her being sick), and left me in charge. Seriously. I now have a whole new appreciation for what Cuddy has to put up with every day. Theres...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/N sorry i havent written in a while, ive been really busy with school and social any who this is part two...(you might have to re read part 1 because its been so long XD)

"Taub, Thirteen, I want you to go to the girls' house and inspect the place for the usual, Foreman, i want you to talk with the girl's family." House said and again the team got up whilst House stood infront of his white board thinking about possible diagnosies.
Cuddy had remained in House's office, whilst he had detailed the team with their specific tasks, but now emerged once she was sure that they were alone....
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posted by Fabouluz
Wilson: Hey, I brought you coffee.

(House looked curiously at Wilson, as he sat down opposite him. The team where finishing up with the POTW leaving House time to reflect in his dimly lit office.)

House: You seem, happier.

Wilson: Yeah well, I’m a happy person.

(House drank some of his coffee, when Chase walked in with Thirteen following him.)

House: What are you doing up here?

(Chase seemed hesitant to reveal the reason, when Thirteen entered behind him with a file in her hand.)

Wilson: Has something happened?

Chase: You’ve got another case.

(Thirteen handed House the file she was carrying; and...
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