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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Latest chapter in the Fan-isode “It’s About Time.” For the complete story visit link .

Disclaimer: I don’t own House. David costa and raposa do. Dang it.

“It’s About Time”
Chapter Nine

    Cuddy had only talked with Jacob’s dad for a couple of minutos before she was sure that what had happened was all just a big mix-up. In fact, if blame had to be given it would fall also on Jacob’s mother’s shoulders. The father had expected the mom to pick up Jacob only 30 minutos after he had left Jacob sleeping peacefully in his bed. The next-door neighbor had left earlier...
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posted by HuddyJoy0524
*Authors Note* I really hope that no one has written an artigo like this before so if so...I apologize ahead of time. :/
The first ever episodes of House i ever saw were "Under My Skin" and "Both Sides Now." They remain my favorito episodes and I've seen them mais times than any other episode (I often lump them into 1 episode in my mind because I always watch them together).

When I first watched "Both Sides Now" the título seemed obviously manifested in the idea of the patient. The guy's brain hemispheres are fighting so both sides....get it? Haha ha. It was obvious.

But what the título made...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
Greg and Lisa laid on the ground with each other after being locked in a janitors closet.

" Hey..." Greg said as he laid underneath Lisa as she used him as a pillow.

" What?" Lisa said as she looked up to his face.

" I know what we can do to pass the time." Greg said as he wiggled his eye brows suggestively.

Lisa looked at him incrediously

" That is what got us into this mess!"

" So?" Greg said.

Lisa's eyes turned from confused to mishevious as she started rubbing his crotch from the outside of his pants.

Greg moaned his approval.

Once he was fully erect and incredibily turned on Lisa stopped.

" Huh?"...
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posted by huddycallianfan
One girl linked me link, so I am just posting it here. I did NOT write this. I just wanted to share with you girls, because this was so fun to read! ;))
Attention: This is 'M' (or maybe even MA?!XD) rated fictional story! Very smutty! XD Anyway, enjoy! :P

oh, BTW, I added a couple of pictures because this way it is funnier and mais real. :P


[my input: ignoring everything that had happened after...
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 How Cuddy has changed
How Cuddy has changed
As Season 5 is approaching us and a major Huddy arc has been announced, many people will be holding thier breath and crossing their fingers as Huddy comes to dominate our screens. Thinking over all of this, as with the touching season finale still fresh on my mind, I thought I would write an artigo about my beloved ship, Huddy, but I wouldn't be talking about our favourite moments, or how cute they are together or anything you would normally find in a crazy Huddy shipper's rant. Instead I thought I would look at House's view, literally his perspective of Cuddy and how it has changed through...
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posted by livethislifeup
Sticking to one shots for now until my real fã fics can materialize into fixed ideas. Until then, enjoy all my one shots.
Consider this--post EF.

If the nights were this easy,
and the days were longer than said,
for once I'd be capable enough,
to release you from my head.

For every toss I plan to make,
it replies with constant turning,
and escaping por shutting my eyes,
the attempt just leaves me burning.

For every smile that grazed your face,
for every stare left broken,
for the laughter that you gave,
the dreading words unspoken.

The guilt stands beneath...
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posted by huddyforever
Ok, so from here on out it might be a little OOC...just warning.Lol!

“Stop.” She said. “Could it be because we went to med school with eachother?” He asked. “Seriously. Don’t go there.” She warned. “Or could it be because I rocked your world on the topo, início of your escrivaninha, mesa in med school?” He went there. Defeated, Cuddy decided to take a new approach. “I rocked your world.” She said. “No, no, no. I was ontop so that means I rocked your world.” He pointed out. “Guys! Guys! Guys! Can you please stop! I don’t really care who was ontop or who rocked who.” Wilson said as he...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Lisa finally got up from her bed. It’s a dia break for her since finally, their filming days of House are over, well at least for a mês or so. She went straight to put on her clothes before freshening up herself in the bathroom.

After giving herself an oil massage on her thighs and arms, she logged in facebook and decided to drop por fórum site for her to know what fãs thought about her after the Huddy sex. She was smiling and laughing every after comment fãs posted. Some were disappointed while others where so happy that they finally got the chance to see Hugh and her kiss like...
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posted by Fabouluz
It was late in the afternoon, and Cuddy was feeling restless. Even though House didn’t like to show his feelings to the people around him, he showed his feelings in peculiar ways; stalking, stealing files…all these things were negative qualities in other people but not in House. His need to understand the details was a gift he enjoyed using both at work and in his personal life.

Watching Cuddy from afar as she dealt with a difficult patient in the clinic, he loved watching her. Most people could only see the boisterous boss, dominant female, but from House’s viewpoint he could see the...
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posted by huddyforever
It was already 2:30 in the afternoon at PPTH. House was sitting in his chair of laziness. He hadn't gotten much sleep last nite from the faucet leak. The team was off doing lots of tests on a diying patient and wouldn't be back for another 3 hours so he drifted asleep. House dreamt:
"House wake up" Cuddy said shaking House. "I was slee-...Woah! Ummmm Cuddy what are you doing?" House asked. Cuddy was in this mini-mini skirt, a button up camisa and was now closing all the blinds. "That should do it." Cuddy said. "If we're going to have sex shouldn't you be worried about the big glass windows and...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
" What the hell do you think you are doing?" Greg asked, His stare could've killed somebody.

" Give us your money or we kill her and you."

Greg, Being a 20 ano old ignored the man, and ran up and started to soco him, in hope that he was doing some damage.

He was doing damage. The man let go off Lisa to defend himself.

" Greg!" Lisa yelled as she witnessed Greg getting punched in the face from afar.

After spitting out some blood that resulted in being punched, Greg said," Lisa! Go away! NOW!!!"

Lisa was just about to run when 2 big guys came up...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa gets dressed and goes to William’s room. He puts on his T-shirt and they go down to the cafeteria to have breakfast. After that, Will and Lisa go to the bus to go sightseeing with the rest of their colleages. Greg runs before the bus leaves. William sees him and thinks: “Damn it... he’s a pain in the ass.” Before Greg can see them, Will kisses her girlfriend, so she can’t see him either. They get off the bus and get to the Louvre Museum. When they’re about to come in, Greg sees them and approaches. ‘Wow, what a conincidence!!’
‘Yes... how are you man?’...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/n sorry for the delay...i haven't had the time to i hope you enjoy this fets better as the story goes on...i've written part 8 xD and review.

House got off the elevator at the 4th floor and made his way to his office, sat down and opened Wilson's lunch as he pulled a fork from the inside of his coat. He smiled greedily.
He took a mouthful of the massa, massas alimentícias but as soon as he did that he was interrupted por none other than Dr. Foreman.
"We've got a case," he said lazily.
"Can't," said House with his mouth full of food. Foreman glares at him whilst thrusting the dark blue...
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Everybody knows that House and Cuddy slept together one night or at least House understood that in the episode ‘’Top Secret’’ (You gave me everything I asked for because one night I gave you everything you asked for...[House]) but we are not sure about when, maybe before House met Stacy or after, we don’t know, well, I was thinking about it and I remember some episodes that can say something about when they met and when they slept together.
In the episode ‘’Three Stories’’ Stacy was with House and Cuddy already knew him, when Cuddy hired House he was already limp (In ‘’Detox’’...
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 Feel the tension!!
Feel the tension!!

As we mover into season 5 of House, it has been made clear that the relationship between House and Cuddy is something that will be explored and expanded upon in upcoming episodes. Throughout the past four seasons, not only has the hot sexual tension between House and Cuddy approached its boiling point, but their relationship has also evolved into one of deep emotional connection and understanding. A Huddy arc is no longer a pergunta of if or even when, but a pergunta of how – how will their relationship begin, how will it evolve, and how will it end?

Presumably, season 5 will not...
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 "CruciFICTION." S7-8 "small sacrifices."
"CruciFICTION." S7-8 "small sacrifices."
“Small Sacrifices” continued...

Later that night, a few scenarios that came to mind. Rated G.

Inspired por @HLforever’s recent
topic suggestions. (hiatus therapy).

Happy holidays everyone!

Message red light blinking: Beeep..
Cuddy’s voice: “House..wait up for me. I’ll...stop by.”
House’s gut reaction: “Oh yesss!”

History repeats: oh nooo..
House’s conscience felt exactly one & a half pangs of guilt for sending a jilted, tipsy Wilson início to cry his sad self to sleep. Quickly convincing himself his best bud is a big boy..he’ll be fine. Tomorrow he’d spring for cafeteria...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 7
[Rachel had finally been released from the hospital. Cuddy took a week off to take care of her at home. Cuddy was still feeling under the weather and the nausea had not subsided. Wilson was left in charge of the keeping House in line.]
[It was early morning on Monday morning. The sun is just starting to rise over a small house in New Jersey. A motorcycle is parked in the driveway. The motorbike had been parked in the driveways mais days than it wasn't parked there these days.
House was sitting in Rachel's room staring out the window. He had trouble sleeping in his apartment...
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posted by maverickangel35
Here is my submission to the Season 7 Huddy Challenge, in which we proclaim to the world how we think the first Huddy scene of the new season should go!

    “You rang?” House pushed Cuddy’s office door open, then realized that Wilson was sitting in one of the chairs in front of her desk. House quirked an eyebrow at his boss. “How can I help you?”
    “Got a case.” Cuddy got out of her chair and came around her desk, reaching for a file sitting on the corner of her outbox. “Wilson just brought it in.”
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posted by Irene3691
seguinte dia when Wilson goes to work, House asks his friend to cover him because he has to go to his place to finish some things for the natal party. Cuddy doesn't suspect anything at all, and that's good because it is a great surprise from House. Greg is changing a bit for her. He wants to do things to make her happy. This party is a nice gesture of him, it was all his idea, and Wilson is sure she’ll like it.

Cuddy spends the whole morning working, in meetings and looking for House. Wilson has told her that Greg is in a patient’s house and he’ll come back later. She goes back to her...
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posted by livethislifeup
Post Valente Heart, Happy Belated-Halloween Huddies. Let's just say this compensates for the lack of episode this week. :)

"Duck? Again?" House asked Wilson. In his office, House just kicked back in awe of Wilson's costume. He was also wearing an outfit--Batman--but at the moment there was no contest.
"It's my favorito costume, so what?"
"You expect to give scares with that?"
"I'm appealing to the younger demographic."
"Do I need to repeat myself?"
"I'm taking Rachel out with my godson tonight and wearing your spilled guts costume might frighten them a bit."
"She's one, how are you taking her trick-or-treating?"...
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