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Huddy Pergunta

hi ,i have pergunta about the pca ,i see the web page of the pca there is no fav supporting actress category , only fav drama actress so can lisa e nominated under this category i mean as a fav drama actress ?

 ilikelisae posted over a year ago
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Huddy Respostas

anonymously said:
I don't know if all the categories are posted yet, voting only starts October 18th. And to answer your other pergunta about nominating, I'm not sure but it might be us who nominate too? It IS the PEOPLE'S choice awards...but don't quote me on this. Last time I voted for the PCAs all the categories and nominees were already selected I just voted so I'm not sure about the whole process.

I realize this answer doesn't help at all! Sorry. Maybe there's info on the site?
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posted over a year ago 
thanx alot it realy help
ilikelisae posted over a year ago
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