David costa said in a freaking interview that cuddy is the only woman than House could have a relationship with!
That they should stop eventually dancing around eatch other!(if you want to see the interview go to the house post!I'm not putting my hands on this awful link!)
I mean WTF!
This is so unfair and wrong!
She's hes boss and he doesn't respect her!Imagine being her *gulp* girlfriend too?
Cuddy wants a bady and House is not exactly father material!
They are both too old anyway!
And wait a minute!Dancing around eath other?
You mean all this creapy moments when House wanted to sleep with Cuddy or something and she then gave a funny look and the thing was forgotten?HOT!
I really,really,really hate huddy with all my coração and I WILL fast-forward their scenes I won't denie that!
And IMO I think what costa meant por this is that House clearly is not relationship material and that but maybe it could work out with Cuddy!
But it won't because House is not about relationships!We won't see him in a house in the suburns with 2 1/2 kids and a cuddy momie making dinner!
It will never work out!
Its just and arc like everyother arc who will come and por and never be mentioned again!
Now that I said that I can finally breathe!