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 Thirteen & Cameron
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Thirteen & Cameron
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This dr. house arte dos fãs might contain vestido de cocktail, bainha, retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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We are focusing on SENDING THONGS AND BALLS TO raposa AND NBC entertainment presidents with one of the suggested captions listed below. We will add mais suggestions as they come in.

This campaign will take the two most popular ideas on the fandom and combines them. It also leaves open the option of sending one or the other if both are not feasible. In this way we will have a united front.

This is a joint effort por many fandoms. Each House fandom is welcome and encouraged to have one of their members as an executive here...
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Disclaimer: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as satisfying as the last scene of season six when House finally got not only what he needed but what he wanted! Oh, sorry that’s a PROclaimer. Okay, I own nothing in the House universe except a deep, undying amor for Dr. House and no court on earth can take that away!!

It’s About Time….

Her comments had washed away years of his doubt and sadness. Their chuveiro had washed away the layers of grime and blood on their bodies. And now he was going to wash away the longing that had plagued him since that night after...
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We were watching clips of "As Good As It Gets" in psych class today and there was a scene in the restaurant with Lisa Edelstein and Peter Jacobson playing a young couple! It was all I could take not to shout "It's Taub and Cuddy!" in class.

It won't let me post a link from youtube on here anymore so if you go to youtube and type in "lisa e in as good as it gets" it will pop right up.

Anyway, thought you all would get a kick out of it, especially because they look so young and have worked together before! :D
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[Shot of squash court, two girls, best friends, playing against each other. After the game, shot of changing room, they are just about to leave.]

Anna (1st girl): I’ll see you tomorrow. Give you another thrashing.

Leah (2nd girl): Yeah, we’ll see about that! (laughs) Need a lift?

Anna: No, I’ll walk home.

Leah: OK. Bye

Anna: Bye

[Both girls leave at the same time. Leah gets in her car and drives off. Anna is walking in the same direction. Shot of her heart, beating normally. Shot of her walking. Another shot of her heart, now beating erratically. Shot of her vomiting, then collapsing.]

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