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posted by Irene3691
House and Cuddy go to their room to rest a bit before going to buy the tickets. She’s lying on the cama and House looks at her from the balcony, then he stands up, takes his shoes off, and lies seguinte to her. Cuddy feels him on her side and put her hand over his. House jokes. ‘I told you. You won’t get sex from me...’
‘Any physical contact with you means that I want sex?’
‘If you were a different person no, but if we urso in mind that this person is you... YES!!’
‘Am I only sex for you?’
That perguntas really shocks Greg, and he remain in silence. Cuddy looks at him waiting for an answer, but it never comes. ‘Okay, don’t answer.’ Cuddy shows her back to him and he looks at her thinking seriously about her question.
She feels a bit angry, if it’s just sex what he wants... phone a hooker... Lisa sighs and tries to take off her mind all her thoughts about him.
House turns to her again and rises his hand to caress her back., but he regrets and puts his hand on the travesseiro again. He feel like saying something but he knows he’ll screw it up if he does. Cuddy talks but doesn’t turn to look at him. ‘You were right, I won’t stand it if I go to Londres with you. So go you to Londres and I'll go back to New Jersey or to visit my parents.’
House sighs. ‘Then I'll go back to work...’
‘No, the hospital deserves a few days without you. And you have a lot of days off left.’
He touches her shoulder in order to make her turn round. ‘Then come with me to Londres and the hospital will be free of us a few days...’
She looks at him surprised. ‘Why do you want me to go with you?’
‘Be-cause... I don't know... it's not the same if I go alone... and I think you may... like that place...’ Cuddy looks at him and finally nods. House feels happy inside, but he wouldn’t admit it.

In the afternoon, they go to the airport to buy plane tickets for the seguinte day. Afterward, they go for their last walk in Italy. ‘Awww this is beautiful. I'm gonna miss Rome.’
‘This vacation has been... you know... strange...’
‘Very strange, actually... but you know...I wouldn’t change anything...’ Cuddy smiles at him. ‘I enjoyed these days here, your pranks to the staff, our discussions, our jokes, our walks...’
‘Aaawwww, I'm about to cry my eyes off!’ Cuddy rolls her eyes.
They buy their last Italian “gelato” and House has his mouth full of it. ‘Didn’t your mother teach you how to eat? You have some ice cream on your nose.’
‘She did but anyway I ate like an animal...’ He cleans the ice cream of his nose with his hand.
‘What a saint person! That’s patience!’
She approaches the ice cream to her mouth and House pull her arm, so her nose gets dirty of ice cream. ‘Whoops sorry, how clumsy I am.’
‘Ha-ha... Funny...’
‘Too much ice cream for your thighs, uh?’
‘Yes, you know, a minuto of pleasure in your mouth and a lifetime on the hips...’
‘Exactly... and your hips are damaged enough...’ He laughs and mocks at her.
‘That's enough, isn't it? This is no longer funny.’ She looks at him serious and starts walking away.
‘Aren't you gonna talk to me?’ House follows her and she keeps walking ignoring him.
‘Liiiisaaaa... Do I have to beg on my knees for your forgiveness??’
Suddenly, she stops and turns to look at him. ‘Come on... I'm a poor crippled!!’
She stays in silence and smiles.
‘Really?? You must be kidding...’ Cuddy stares at him without saying a word while he kneel with one leg. ‘Please Lisa, would you forgive me??’
Cuddy laughs ‘I will never forget this’ She helps him to stand up. ‘Well... okay... I forgive you...’
‘Well, now it's me who is angry!!’
‘Okay I'm sorry but I'm not gonna get on my knees.’
‘Fine.’ House starts walking without looking at her.
‘Oh come on! House!’ She can walk faster and goes seguinte to him. ‘House!’ He looks at her. She rolls her eyes and gets on her knees. ‘Sorry.’
‘Sorry?? That's it??’
Cuddy chuckles and frowns. ‘Yes. What else you do want?’
‘Make an effort, come on!!’
‘I'm sorry House.’She rolls her eyes and stares at him. ‘Can you forgive me?’
House smiles at her. ‘Silly... let’s go to sleep. We have a flight tomorrow.’

In the morning they check they have all their things in their suitcases and go to the airport. Once there, they ckeck in their luggage and go to look some stores while wait to go on board. Cuddy convinces him to try on a T-shirt. ‘Come on, you need to renew your wardrobe a little bit...’
‘Renew my wardrobe?? What’s wrong with my wardrobe...?’ she smiles and House tries on the T-shirt.
‘Wow, you look great.’
House pretends a girl’s voice. ‘Really??? I think it makes me look fat.’
‘Hahah no little girl, seriously. It makes you look sexier.’
House’s face turns serious. ‘Sexier?? The ending -er means that you thought that I was SEXY before I put on this T camisa and then I became even sexier. Am I right, Lisa??’
Cuddy gets nervous. ‘You’re an ass.’
He smiles victorious. ‘Thanks for confirming.’

To be continued...

Irene3691 ~ SandraCH91 ~ diego27rg
posted by rosehustle1
Once the waitress had moved out of the way, House could once again take in the mystery woman that sat across the room. He wondered if she was a professor at the universidade or possibly a 'mature' student.
The woman looked up from her notebook and caught House staring. He barely bristled at being found out and instead unabashedly continued to stare.
"Hon, you want anything else?" The waitress asked House once more. He kept his gaze on the mystery woman while answering.
"Another cup of coffee, but send it over to the woman at the end."
The waitress looked back and forth between House and the...
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Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 3-

3 Weeks Later

Cuddy had allowed Kirstin to stay with her permanently now that House knew about her. She had recently taken a week off to renovate the spare room with her daughter. Kirstin had opted for an off white with a lima, limão green feature wall. House had given her a bunch of band posters to stick up around her room; much to Cuddy’s disapproval.

On the subject of Kirstin’s rape, Rob’s brother had been sentenced for three years on the charges of rape and purchasing alcohol for minors. Rob had moved into an apartment near por when he heard about the...
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posted by livethislifeup
I HATE WRITER'S BLOCK. I hate it period. So, my sincerest apologies for the wait. Also, I didn't feel like composição literária out the whole título thing again. BUT, it is still dedicated to Oldmovie, let it be said. So, here's the third extension. Fourth coming soon. (hopefully) Enjoy.

16 years ago

Hacy_Huddy Era - At Princeton-Plainsbro
Hacy - Last two years
The inseparable had become separable after House took the job at Princeton-Plainsbro. House's attention had been mais on work now, than on Stacy.
Although his job hadn't changed, still occupied...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
After the victory party, the construction of the new Oncology Ward was immediately started. Cuddy was hands on almost 24/7 and her visitation days for House were sometimes affected. He understood completely and never did she remember hearing him complain about that but what took him off the edge was the idea of Wilson being around her mais often than his.
Cuddy: Lisa…
She answered her phone one morning while she was in the elevator on the way down to her office. The moment she heard the voice of the person from the other line, she drew a smile on her lips that made the people she walked through...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
That same night, House heavily opened Pitt’s office door. He burst in his loud but in a calm voice upon entering that made his doctor look blankly at him.
House: You idiot, you told her!
Pitt: She told you I told her?
House rolled his eyes.
House: Would I be here if not?
House took the assento across his doctor as Pitt looked at him after placing a paper in front of him.
House: What’s this?
House took the paper while Pitt leaned on his chair.
Pitt: Rehab and therapy schedules. I’ve changed a few things. I figured that it would be better if you knew.
House read on and looked at his doctor after.
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posted by iluvhousemd
Just a short fanfic about Stacy returning to the hospital.

A segundo Chance

A dia like any other. Not much happening in the hospital. I had just solved another case, and was now in the process of avoiding my clinic hours por cleverly hiding in the last place Cuddy would ever look for me… the clinic. As it approached five o’clock I got ready to go início for the day. As I limped out of the hospital I saw the one person I never thought I would see again. The woman who broke my heart, Stacey. I just stood there a moment staring. I finally walked up to her. She said softly and almost shyly, “Hi,...
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A/N: Short, I know, but mais is to come. Don’t worry!

Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 5: Pondering

    After watching Dr. House stumble off to the elevators, many thoughts went through Condon’s mind. The first of which being,‘What an awfully strange man that doctor is.’ Not only does he wield a cane from some sort of unexplained ailment, but he was willing to walk away from a police questioning because something was wrong with his patient. That took a fair bit of nerve. What also struck him as odd was the matter of Dr. House’s cane. Why is it that Dr. House just so happened...
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posted by amberRocks
Hi!After watching the whole season 4 I would like to give an opinion about it.
This season started out really funny with the Games arc and the new characters.It was like a intelligent reallity parody and I liked it.I liked all the new characterrs especially amber,but you all know that(I am amberRocks after all!).And at the end of the Games arc amber left and althought she was still my favourite character I was ok with that.
Untill the segundo half of season 4 came and she came back and I squeed!I liked her and wilson,I liked the new team,I liked seeing house out of his freaking mind!The things...
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posted by Irene3691
In his home, House phones Wilson and they start preparing everything. Wilson starts phoning some workmates and so does House. After that he goes to her início and knocks the door. She opens it. ‘I think I should give you this back...’ He comes in and Lisa gives him the key.
‘Thanks...’ He puts it in his pocket. ‘What are you cooking? It smells delicious!!’
‘Some cuscuz and mixed vegetables, but if you want I can cook a bife for you.’
‘No, it will be fine... it smells really tasty!!’
‘Thank you.’ She smiles at him. ‘Can you set the table?’
‘Yep...’ He leaves his coat...
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posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

Full Episode Recap

A young kindergarten teacher named Rebecca passes out in front of her class after talking gibberish. After she collapses she begins having convulsions. At the hospital, Dr. James Wilson describes the case to Dr. House, a doctor with an excellent reputation but is known for keeping a distance from his patients. Dr. Wilson explains that Rebecca's mental status is deteriorating quickly. House agrees to take the case. His team consists of three young intelligent doctors: Allison Cameron, Robert Chase, and Eric Foreman.

Later, Dr. Cameron and Dr....
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posted by Huddyaddict12
Smile (A Huddy Poem)

Here I am,
So close, but so far from you.
In the cold I am standing,
Outside your stone brick mural
I cannot break through.

So I just stand there foolishly,
Peering through your window.
Loosing myself in your deep blue eyes,
My eyes fixed on your broken smile,
You are simply all I desire.

The pain inside floods me,
I am drowning in my misery.
But when I see your face, it all seems to fade,
And when I taste your red lips,
My coração skips a beat
As the rest of me goes numb.

The amor I feel for you is real
But so are fears of hurting you.
So all emotions are pushed aside,
Right seguinte to all the tears I’ve cried.

In this life of wrong I live,
You remain the one thing I got right,
The only one I let inside.
Now heartache and hate has filled its place,
And I never want your smile
To fall from your face.

*Inspired por the episode The Itch*
posted by rosehustle1
House sat in the darkness of his bedroom thinking over the turn of events that had recently occurred within his life. Cameron had left. Cuddy was with Lucas. He didn't know how to feel anymore. After all the positive strides he had made he still was no closer to having a different life. As he pondered his situation he looked around his bedroom and took in the pictures of Wilson and Amber gleefully smiling. He enjoyed being roommates with his best bud, but he knew it was time to go home...no matter how nervous he was about falling back in to his old patterns.
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posted by cudambercam13
---House sat at his desk. He twirrled his cane, bored. He was so bored he was almost tempted to do his clinic duty. Almost. Instead, he went to Wilson's office. He wanted to talk to someone. Wilson was the only one he could.
---House just entered the office when he realized Wilson was at a meeting in Philadelphia. He punched down on Wilson's escrivaninha, mesa in frustration. He heard something in the escrivaninha, mesa clap open. He opened the bottom escrivaninha, mesa drawer and found a small secret compartment. It was open. House reached in the compartment and pulled out a small box. In the box, a sparkling diamond ring looked up...
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posted by livethislifeup
With half the jug of bourbon gone, a child fast asleep on the couch, and Cuddy sitting on the floor, this morning had lapsed into a lazy silence between them. The storm was worsening as the dark clouds gathered together.
With the hospital machines on back up generators, trying to keep the patients in stable conditions no matter what they had, things were going roughly well. The only problem at the moment was evacuating everyone to lower parts of the building. With all the patients in stairwells, some labs in the basement, lower level bathrooms and just the windowless rooms, nearly everyone had...
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