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A hazy light was coming from the lonely post that was vanished between the cold mist. Oh God the cold was terrible this time, mainly because of the wind that was blowing miles per hour. But the sound whispered por the wind was the only thing you could concentrate to try to sleep, it was like some magic, some magic that made the messy sound of the big cities disappears. But them something perforated his ears violently and he opened his eyes trying to find the fonte of that terrible sound.

“Oh my God!”

The poor man watched fogo growing seguinte the wall. He approached and saw a man in the middle of those flames. He ran and grabbed the man’s fists to drag him from the fire. My God, he had never seen something that scary. He removed the carbonized clothes from him and realized a metal was sticky in the man’s back. Thank god House was laid facing down, or the metal would have destroyed his internal organs when the poor man dragged him and in spite of helping, he would have killed House. His chest, back and neck were completely burned and his flesh was exposed. Blood, there was blood spread all over every inch of his entire body, over the floor and over the wall. What once had been his motorcycle was now an amount of exploded metal scrap. Dear God, how was he still breathing?

“oh my god, hey, can you here me?” House was unconsciousness, but not dead. The poor man ran to the phone placed at the corner and called the emergency. Then came back and checked if House was still breathing. God knows why he was. “My god.” He saw mais blood.

minutos later.

“He has three degrees burnings through his chest, back and right side of his neck. Multiple exposed fractures in his arms. Unconscious. Glasgow 5. Perforation in his back probably hit the kidney.” The paramedic said while examining House’s body.

House was fallen destroyed at the floor.

“What happened?” Some nurse asked the poor man with dirty and worn clothes who stood there in front of her.

“I was sleeping on that box then I heard something, something really deafening like I don’t know… then I saw an explosion, I freaked and looked everywhere, then I saw him among the flames… I ran and dragged him.” The poor man stared at the mural stained with blood.

“Was he awake when you dragged him?”


“Let’s immobilize him. Be careful with that metal in his back.”

“Oh shit!” The paramedic almost screamed in his own pain just por seeing House’s leg when he removed his pants. “Multiple exposed fractures. Really multiple.”

The femur bone of House’s leg had parted and perforated his own skin through his already existing scar. On the same leg, his shinbone had done the same damaged. The other leg had his knee completely broken. The paramedics immobilized him on his side at the stretcher.

“His thorax are destroyed completely...”.

“On three. One, two, three.” – The two man put him inside the ambulance.

“Can I go with you?” – Asked the poor man.

“No, sir… Unfortunately.” – The nurse felt a little sorry for the poor man out there in the cold. He didn’t know why, but he wanted that guy to be seguro so he could tell him to not do that any matter how screwed up was his life.

“Where’s the nearest Hospital?” – Asked the paramedic sitting seguinte to House’s head.

“Princeton Plainsboro.” - The driver looked at the GPS.

“His eyes have non-specific response. His motor response is weak. oi there, can you hear me?” - The paramedic approached House’s ear and tried to make some contact. He heard some moans, just painful moans. – “We are getting you to the Hospital, I know you can hear me in there. I’ll give something for pain.” – The paramedic injected Morphine in House’s system.


Cameron was on the E.R. night shift doing absolutely nothing besides gossiping with the nurses about Cuddy’s betrayal when they were told to wait for an emergency, patient with severe multiple injuries. Cameron and some nurses ran to the entrance to wait the ambulance.

“Oh my god!” Cameron collapsed when she saw it was him there. The nurses held her so she couldn’t fall on the floor. “Get another doctor.” Screamed one nurse.

“Oh my god!” Said doctor Jared while looking at House.

They took him inside and stabilized him, well, not stabilized because he was pretty bad, but the doctors needed a time to figure out how they could proceed.

“Where was the crash?... My God, His thorax is pure flesh.” Asked Doctor Jared while looking at the metal inside House’s back.

“At a wall… I presume he was about 430 miles per hour. There was an explosion, you can see por those burnings.” Demanded the paramedic.

The time they took House to an X-ray and MRI was the time Cameron called Cuddy and Wilson.

“Where is him?” Cuddy was desperate and screaming through the ER, John was with her.

“MRI…” Cameron answered with her voice trembling.

“What happened?” Cuddy’s entire body was trembling, not only the voice.

“Paramedic said he hit at some wall, there was an explosion… God, you shouldn’t see him” Cameron was crying and she hugged Cuddy.

“Is he alive?” John asked.

“Glasgow 5…” Cameron said coldly.

“What does this mean?”

“It means he’s almost dead!” Cuddy hissed with fury in her voice. She was blaming John, but she knew it was not his fault.

“I wanna see him.” Cuddy left and went to the MRI room. The doctors were just moving him to the operating room.

“Oh my god!” Cuddy buried her head into her hands and threw her body on the mural to then vomit. She saw the metal twined in his back, she saw the exposed bones in his leg and arms, she saw the burnings, she saw flesh, not skin, red flesh through his chest, back and neck.

“Cuddy!” Wilson ran through the corridor and held her on his arms.

“It’s my fault, Wilson…” She looked at Wilson and he saw, through the blue of her eyes, she was ruined inside… well just like him, but he hadn’t seen House’s destroyed body yet. Her eyes were drowning in tears and she couldn’t stand up without Wilson’s help. She vomited again.

“O god!” Wilson took her to the E.R. and John approached to take her from Wilson’s arms.

“Get out here!” Cuddy pushed him away.

“Lisa, why are you doing this?” He asked confused.

“Please, just go!” Said Wilson.

“I’m not going anywhere.” He was now anger.

“GET OUT OF MY FACE!” Cuddy screamed and ran to an exam room.

She was lost somewhere she had never been before. God what had she just seen? What had she done to his body? To his life? Life? What life? He was dead, almost dead, about to be dead… and even if he survived… Life? What kind of life he would have? Now, not only his coração and soul was destroyed, but also his body… Those severe burnings would never heal; his skin would never in this world heal. His kidney, he would lose it for sure… there was a metal inside his back infecting that organ… And the exposed fractures, and scars, and, God, subdural haemorrhages could give him brain damage… God, why the hell hasn’t you take him to your seguro haven, if it really existed? No he could NOT die, not… She cried shameless.

10 hours late.

Cuddy and Wilson was in her office waiting. She was still crying.

“Surgery is over.” Doctor Jared step into the room.

“How…” Wilson tried to speak.

“He is fine… I mean, not dead. He lost one kidney, and the most part of his skin won’t regenerate so we did the first layer of the grafts. His bones are stabilized but he will need surgeries until it get better again.”

Cuddy whispered in relief. Relief that was destroyed por her guilty. She did that to him, no matter what she fought against that thought, she knew she did that to him, since her first meeting with John.

The seguinte six months were the worse on House’s life. He was depressed, deep depressed, he did wish to die. He did talk not even with Wilson. He was in constantly and excruciating pain all over his body because of the fractures and the grafts that were difficult to heal. Lying in a Hospital cama with his body all disfigured wasn’t something he could really have planned. He didn’t talk even to his mother. Those nasty scars from the grafts all over his chest, back and a part of his neck were messing with his thoughts in a cruelty way, he himself hated being undressed to himself.
Wilson sometimes slept in an poltrona seguinte to his bed, but even though House didn’t talk. Cuddy, oh god Cuddy was a mess either. He didn’t want to see her, so she visited him when he was asleep. She sat in his cama seguinte to him and caressed his hair while crying in guilty and anguish. House stayed in the Hospital for 8 months and never opened his mouth, but he cried, a lot, oh gods how he cried… He knew that when he got out there, he would go to a worst place, prison. Yeah, prison, John had reported him to the police por rape. And for god knows why House had confessed. Cuddy was destroyed inside, she almost had killed John, but Wilson avoided another disaster. Two months after House had gone to the prison he hadn’t talked to Cuddy yet. She had tried, but unsuccessfully. She wanted to tell him that she loved him, that she would forgive him but he didn’t want to listen anymore. Wilson had always been visiting his best friend and talking to the lawyer who’s been dealing with the case.

Fox Desert Prison.

House was sitting alone at the courtyard of the prison. His mind was concentrated on who would be the seguinte one to strike him down. The convict’s clothes were a white T-shirt, black knitted cotton pants and special sneakers.

“Hey rapper doctor, I’ve got something to you.” A strong man approached House.

“Go away!” House tried to deflect his staring from the guy.

“Get up.” The man ordered.


“GET UP!” The man grabbed House por the arm and took him off of the floor to face him. “Either you walk into there.” He pointed to a warehouse where the P.I. kept their stuffs. “Or I’ll drag you through the floor.”

“Leave me alone.” House tried to get away from the man, but he couldn’t. The man was pretty mais strong then him.

“Do you know what we do to rappers that come to this prison?” The man pushed House on the way. “Walk.” House did. He was tired of fighting against monsters like that. They were much stronger.

“I know, you make sure I remember it everyday, don’t you!” House referred to the fact of that man being the one who commanded the attacks against him.

“Yeah, but I’m not talking about the preliminaries.”

“Then what, are you gonna kill me… please I beg you to do that.” House had his sarcasm in his voice, but dying would really be the best for him, so he meant that.

“No, I have principles…” He pushed House violently to the inside of the warehouse.

There were two mais convicts waiting inside. They had some chains in hands. The usual aggression against him was just normal ones, verbal insults, punches and kicks… nothing had already crossed that line. But when he saw those men holding chains, he got scared like never in his life.

“Have fun and get him ready for me.” The strong man had an imperative voice. He leaned at the mural and crossed his arms to watch the show.

“Yes Sir.” – One of the other men smiled and hit House’s back with the chain.

House felt at the floor. God, that hurt. His back and chest were really sensitive because of the grafts he had to do to replace his dead skin after the burnings. That pain was billion times mais excruciate then when he had the infarction in his leg.

“Take his T-Shirt off, he has pretty ugly scars and it should hurt even more.” The other man said. He approached House and kicked his stomach, and then his penis making him cry in pain.

“Get away from me.” House whimpered and tried to avoid the man taking off his T-shirt. But the man kicked him again, now in the face. Blood flew over House’s nose and he laid facing down. He tried to get up but the man stepped on his back and forced him down again. “Where do you think you are going, sweet?” He took off House’s T-Shirt and threw away.

“These scars are disgusting…” the other man approached and hit his back with the chain again. “Maybe we could get it better with new scars, huh!” The three men laughed.

House’s back was already bleeding. He didn’t really have skin there, the grafts were just to protect his flesh, but they were really a thin layer.

“Blood, give me enough blood from him!” The strong man said.

The two men hit House in every inch of his body. He was bleeding pretty bad and the bruising and cuts were really deep. God, he needed to get out that place… He couldn’t even take his on life away, and those bastards abused him at the maximum point, but didn’t kill him, they should kill him, idiots. House wanted them to kill him.

“Enough!” The strong man screamed and the others stopped the aggression immediately. Now they would watch the real show.

House was laid facing down. He could barely think such was the pain. He could barely open his eyes. He could barely know what would come next.

“You know something, House... Greg.” The man kneeled down and caressed House’s back throughout the blood, which was plentiful.

“What are you doing?” He whispered in surprise and lifted his head to look scared at the man.

“You will pay the way you have to. Eye for an eye.” The man was masturbating himself since the aggression against House had begun.

“Oh god…” House almost collapsed in tears when he saw what the man was doing. He diverted his staring and tried to get up, but the man didn’t allow.

“Quiet or I’ll make it hurt even more.” He whispered in House’s ear while his hand moved House’s pants a little down.

“Don’t do this…” House begged in tears. His voice was really weak because of the aggression.

“Was that what the women you rapped told you? Then you should know it doesn’t work!” Then man screamed with anger in his voice while climbed above House.

House was really weak and couldn’t do anything to get away from the strong man. He thought that nothing could break him even more, but there he was, about to be rapped por an ogre. Everything went dark at the moment the man pushed into him. And he no longer felt like he was falling, he felt he had crashed the floor after falling from infinity high, high that shouldn’t have an end, but that was the end… The edge of his suffering…

“Stop, please…” He cried but the man didn’t listen.

“Shut up!” The man grabbed House’s hair and approached his mouth to House’s ear. “Was that what she asked you?”

“Son of a bitch.” His voice was weak but didn’t hide the anger.

“I won’t finish in you.” minutos later the man spoke and pushed out from House. He stood up and finished in House’s back.

“Son of a bitch!” House cried in anger while moved his arm to pull up his pants. The three men laughed.

“This is what we do with rappers. We rape them.” They left.

House cried static. He didn’t have any force to stand up. His body had finally given up and he wished to stay there forever, bleeding every drop of blood from his soul. What the hell have they been doing to him? To his life? To his body? He had to get out of there… He couldn’t even stand up.

“Oh my god, Greg!” Theodore ran to his roommate. “What have they done to you?” He kneeled and touched House’s lower back. He saw the semen spread there among the blood, cuts and bruising. “Oh God, they raped you.” He grabbed House’s T-shirt and cleaned the semen from his back. “Come here, I’ll take you to the infirmary…” He helped House to stand up and they walked to the infirmary, actually House could barely stay straight.

Theodore helped Doctor Mary, an old lady, to lay House in the bed. House hadn’t opened his mouth to say a word, not even a moan of pain… he was just crying as mais quietly as he could. He laid on his side and folded his arms in his chest. The doctor and the convict reared from his bed.

“What happened Theodore?” She asked but almost sure she already knew.

“They raped him… and of course hit him with something… those cuts and bruising are pretty bad.”

“God. You have to leave… I’ll take care of him.”

“He hasn’t said a word since I found him…”

“I’ll talk to him… You have to go.”

Theodore left and Doctor Mary got back to the room. She approached House’s bed, he was laid facing a wall, she sat while preparing the stuff to take care of his injuries.

“Greg, this is gonna hurt!” She started to scrub his back to clean it. He didn’t make a move, neither a moan, just his weeping.

“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked. Her voice was really mothering. “Cry…” House had been there so many times that Doctor Mary already knew his story. The whole heartbreaking story. And sometimes he helped her with the medicine.

“Who did this to you, Greg? Jay-E, Jay-E and his fellows?” She was still scrubbing his back.

“Yeah!” Now he was crying with no shameless.

“Shh, calm down. I’ll make some stitches and you take a chuveiro here. You can sleep here tonight. I’ll run some blood tests to check for HIV and others, and I’ll give you this anti-viral. ”

Doctor Mary finished the stitches in his back.

“Come here, I’ll help you.” She turned him in the cama and helped him to sit down. His hand rested on his penis when he sat and he moaned in pain. “Did they hit you there again?” He didn’t talk, didn’t look at her and didn’t do anything. “Let me take a look.” She grabbed his pants and he looked scared at her. “May I?” She thought asking was a good thing after what had happened.

She removed his pants and underpants, then looked at his penis. House had been so stroked in there that he had severe bruising.

“For god’s sake, Greg, what have they been doing to you!” She got impressed. “Are you having your normal erections?”

“Not even trying…” He finally spoke, but his voice was really weak.

“Come here, take your chuveiro and I give you some Ice.” The old woman helped him to get to the bathroom. He was walking with extremely difficult, not only because of his leg, but because of the aggressions, and the rape.
House’s head was a mess. He was actually feeling nothing, cause he didn’t know what to feel, he didn’t know how to feel so he just cried, crying was easier then fighting. He knew he was there to die, nothing else would matter anymore. That place would be the last he would see, those people would be the last he would meet… what could he do? Just sit, stand the aggressions, and wait for his death… nothing mais would be left to him. His mind was broken, his coração was broken, his body was broken… oh god, his body, what have it turned to? Those scars throughout his thorax, throughout every inch of his thorax and a piece of his neck were the nasty thing he could ever think about it, he himself hated to be undressed and look at those scars. He was already a freak before the accident, now he was mais then a freak, he was a fucking beast. He finished his chuveiro and doctor Mary gave him a toil. She actually wrapped it in his body cause he was so lost he couldn’t even stand straight.

“Come on, just a few mais steps…” She was helping him to get to the bed. “Lay down here…..... easy.........” She laid him in the cama and covered his body with blankets while he pulled up his legs a little. He folded his arms in his chest and took a deep breath. That breathing torn apart Mary’s heart. “I’ll get you new clothes, Greg.”

“I’m not a rapist...” His voice was sad and he was still crying.

“I know, Greg. I know your story… But once you did that, it’s enough for them to judge you. You did a bad thing... but that doesn’t mean you are a bad man. Your circumstance wasn’t just that easy… and it’s not that I’m trying to justify you… But I know, I can see in your eyes you are not like the convicts here charged por rape. You are a good man, Greg… You don’t deserve what they’ve been doing to you.” She smiled “I need to make a stitch in your chin.”

He felt like she was his mother at that moment. That old lady was his mother that moment, she was all he had.

“Can I stay here forever?” He smiled sadly among his weeping.

“I’d take you to my início If I could... but you can’t stay here in the infirmary for long, Greg, you now that.

“Will they do that again?” He asked a little scared.

“Rest it in your penis.” She gave him some ice and begged his own sub consciousness
for him to forget that question.

“They will.” He whispered in tears and huddled even more..

“Shhhhh calm down, just take your breath” She caressed his face. God, save his soul… She thought.

Doctor Mary had managed for House staying in the infirmary during three days. The HIV test had been negative and the others STD too. House had been staying in his cell since then. Theodore managed to stay as close as he could, Theodore was a good man.
It was lunch time and House was laid in his cama leitura a book about infections diseases. He didn’t want to eat because his leg pain was really bad that dia so he wasn’t hungry. Theodore was at lunch.

“Hey, cute.” Jay-E leaned at the doorway. The cell was opened. House just looked at him over the book, but didn’t say anything.

“Ignoring me, little one? It’s normal, I understand. I’ll be kind seguinte time, don’t worry” He mocked. House was still quiet.

“You know something, I enjoyed making amor with you” He mocked again. “You’re hot, cute.” Then approached and caressed the inner thigh of House.

House lost. He grabbed Jay-E’s neck, stood up and pressed him against the wall. House was facing him closely and looking at him with extreme anger, if he tightened a little mais his grasp in Jay-E’s neck he could kill him.

“I amor wild ones, cute.” He grinned and House tightened a little mais the grasp. He was really angry.

Jay-E’s hands caressed House’s back in intend to irritate him a little more. “I like the scars in your back. It’s so fucking sexy” His hands moved to House’s pelvic region and before Jay-E could reach House’s penis, House threw him out of the cell. The man felt on the floor and House started to kick and soco him.

“Son of a bitch.” Jay-E screamed and grabbed House’s T-Shirt to bring him to the floor. House fell and jay-E climbed him and punched his face many times until House could get away from him por pushing him to the other side. They got separated and both stood up facing each other with anger, like two tigres fighting for one food. Their breathing was hard.

“You will pay for this, House. I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a whole year.” Jay-E cleaned the blood in his nose and spit at the floor to soon mover to House again and grab him por the T-shirt to then press him against the mural outside the cell. House tried to avoid that and eventually got it for seconds, but Jay-E was much stronger. He was now facing House with anger.

“I would like to taste you again, cute… but you were not a good boy.”

“Then why don’t you taste your mother.”

Jay-E didn’t even consider responding House’s provocation. He turned over and threw House over the hallway protection grade. House’s cell was on the third floor. Theodore jumped on Jay-E, but too late, He had already thrown House over the grade. The two men started to fight, but the cop ran and held Jay-E who was straddling Theodore and punching him in the face. Theodore stood up quickly and went to the grade to see if his friend was already destroyed at the floor.

“Theodore…” He heard House’s voice and looked down. He could hold on to the grade with one of his hands, and now he was about to fall from 50 feet.

“Greg, come on, give me your hand.” He kneeled and stretched out his arm to reach House’s free hand. “Come on, give me your hand.” He screamed and stared at House’s eyes. “Come on.” House didn’t grab his arms. “You are not thinking about threw yourself down.” He screamed in anger and House just stared at him. “You idiot, give me your fucking hand. You know you won’t die por falling from this high, you will break all your bones, but you won’t die, now give me your hand.” Theodore was right. That high wouldn’t be enough to kill him, and House didn’t want to fracture his bones again. He grabbed Theodore’s hand and he pulled House up. The other cop approached and helped him.

“You will pay for this, House.” Jay-E screamed while the cop handcuffed him. Before House could even have his foot grounded again, the other cop handcuffed him, too. Both would go to the solitary.