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The team jolted in surprise at the sound of the patient files slamming against the mesa, tabela in the silent room.

“Patient- sixteen ano old female with extreme back pain. There isn’t much of a history considering she came her por herself. She also looks a lot like Cuddy, which can be good and bad.”

“House, she was about to be discharged.” Foreman replied. “Why did you admit her?”

“Because I’ve been DYING to kick a romance off with a teenager and I thought this was my perfect chance, especially considering she looks like Cuddy.” House sarcastically replied, topping it off with a vicodin.

    Taub jumped right into differential mode. “It could either be muscle, bone or nerve damage from trauma or some genetic abnormality.”

    Foreman added his opinion. “Yes but there could be thousands of different reasons. Without a proper history, this diagnosis could take forever.”

“Maybe she’s just pregnant.” Thirteen received intriguing looks from Foreman and Taub. “Most girls at this age are always sexually active. Maybe her back pain is really a symptom of her pregnancy.”

“You just took this girl because she had back pain? That’s your only rationale so far?” interrupted Foreman.

“Do I need another rationale? She has extreme back pain. She was going to be discharged with just a prescription for a high dose of ibuprofen. You can’t tell me there’s something a tad bit interesting there.”

    The three doctors looked at House while he thought about each theory and Foreman comment. “Foreman’s right. Without a history we can’t properly diagnose her. Foreman and Taub, you go take the patient’s history. Thirteen, administer a pregnancy test.”

    The team all stood up at once and headed out at once to perform their duties. House limped over to his escrivaninha, mesa and sat in his chair, twirling his cane around and trying to wait for some sort of history so he can finally start solving the mystery.
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