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What is your favourite episode for each season and why do you amor it so much??

 cutedeadgirl posted over a year ago
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randomuzer1 said:
Season 1: "Three Stories" (I know, everyone picks that but its the first insightful episode into House's past.)

Season 2: "Euphoria" (Both episodes were brilliantly acted. It made you wonder what you would do to save yourself if in Foreman's position.)

Season 3: "One Day, One Room" (So many great episodes from this season but, to see a patient fight to make a connection with House and him eventually giving in was strong in my opinion.)

Season 4: "Houses Head"(Again, so many i love, but this episode was epic. The above and beyond House puts himself through was admirable only to in turn, feel at fault. Brilliant television)

Season 5: "The Social Contract" (Another one of those where thought provokers, the patient chooses to either be cured or die to not turn out as House sees himself. Powerful stuff.)

Season 6: "Broken" (Many greats in this season too. "Broken" shows House's problems with authority, He makes meaningful connections, gets his coração broken, realizes he's not always right and begins to trust again. A lot to love.)

Season 7: "Unwritten" (The patient roubou this episode, I amor that Alice's deductions are up to par with House's. Maybe that's why he's a fã of her detective novels. Cuddy and House seeks to find commonalities secretly, depicting that beautiful struggle we all face but never disclose. An all around great episode. "The Dig" was a close 2nd, bringing back a favorito of mine, Thirteen.)

*tear* The Final Season: "Chase" (The Finale was awesomely bittersweet but i seem to amor this episode. It follows Chase, who's been pretty much getting any girl he wanted, into falling in amor with the patient and the pain of doing the right thing in letting her go. Tough choice, great episode.)

Thanks for this, it was hard because i have so many favoritos i wanted to list. You pretty much satisfied my "House" fix. I needed that.
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posted over a year ago 
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