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Does anyone know the song that played at the end of 7x18 - The Dig?

It sounded so pretty, I want to get it! If anyone has a clue what it was, please let me know :)
 littlechicpea posted over a year ago
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bluehue said:
I read the lyrics to the song on HouseDailyDose, so is likely this one: "In The Dirt," por S. Carey, from a 2010 cd release "All We Grow." It was interesting to me, bc he used to be a member of a band I like, Bon Iver, who wrote a truly great one in "For Emma Forever Ago," check out both if you like haunting, beautiful música that stays with you for a long while.
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posted over a year ago 
Ohh yes it was "In The Dirt" Thank you soooo much! It's such a beautiful song! :) I just listened to "For Emma" too and loved it ;D Thanks again!!
littlechicpea posted over a year ago
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