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Answer: Ben C
Answer: Chace in a red plaid jacket<3
Answer: Jer Irons
Answer: GM
Answer: Rob talking
Answer: an amazing,beautiful fã art of Robert's WFE charac...
Answer: TOM
Answer: Bow
Answer: Adam Gregory with dark hair<3
Answer: my honey<3
Answer: Jack Falahee (25)
Answer: xD
Answer: in real life Tony Head is just absolutely cute and...
Answer: Dane Dehaan
Answer: the cast of Revenge the guy in the middle is defo...
Answer: James D'Arcy
Answer: Zac <3
Answer: totally not well and sad looking
Answer: Baby
Answer: Ruby Rose is my ideal woman *_*
Answer: monkeyDowney
Answer: Ethan Hawke
Answer: oh Chace,you hot,hot guy<3
Answer: Kristen absolutely adores Robert...something we bot...
Answer: my lovely baby
Answer: my sexy baby touching his ear<3
Answer: Ian staring directly at us<3
Answer: Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin
Answer: Dean Geyer <3
Answer: Johnnn<3
Answer: there you go xD
Answer: The most beautiful smile that makes me melt. <33333...
Answer: this is very sad,because it was the speed that kill...
Answer: sexy Chris H with a white background<3
Answer: McCreepy
Answer: DB is the king of freaky(and I mean that as a compl...
Answer: Kevin and Rob were in RIPD
Answer: Conchita
Answer: I really should be learning now.... damn you Bowie...
Answer: Bowbow
Answer: Chace in black<3
Answer: Michael Ealy
Answer: who else did you expect?
Answer: best song ever: Cygnet Committee
Answer: John<3
Answer: DB hands
Answer: rdj
Answer: Dean
Answer: Lucas Medeiros!!!
Answer: Epic
Answer: Nico Tortorella <3
Answer: oh,Theo.Theo wherefore art thou,Theo?<3
Answer: spaceboy
Answer: Ruby Rose
Answer: Justin
Answer: the most gorgeous face I'll ever lay eyes on
Answer: Ollie at the end of "Homecoming", ready to give a T...
Answer: Cumberbatch
Answer: Chris Pine looking mighty fine in a suit<3
Answer: David<3
Answer: hippy Bow
Answer: Kev Zegs
Answer: Bill
Answer: Mine Kellan Lutz
Answer: awesome job
Answer: Derek Hough
Answer: River
Answer: Lucky Blue
Answer: Michael C Hall
Answer: Jamie Wise!<3
Answer: which of his 37 albums do I choose....
Answer: <3
Answer: John Barrowman is 48.
Answer: David
Answer: Jared Leto!
Answer: the Duke
Answer: my handsome Brit looking downwards<3
Answer: Gerard Butler Channing Tatum Charlie Sheen Tom C...
Answer: feel the Indian Leto magic
Answer: Cillian <3
Answer: David Tennant<3
Answer: Toni
Answer: Tony's escape... =/
Answer: Pretty cool and sexy.
Answer: Kellan in jogging pants<3
Answer: :)
Answer: haha too crazy! XD
Answer: Dave
Answer: Robbie with Thriving Ivory lyrics
Answer: baby!!
Answer: hello,my gorgeous babe<3
Answer: justin bieber
Answer: Aiden Gillen
Answer: beautiful prince
Answer: Chris!<3
Answer: Clive Standen on cobbles
Answer: mr Hottie Hemsworth<3
Answer: My edit..
Answer: Derek Theler looking extremely yummy!!!!!! <3