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Answer: my gorgeous Robert with a cute facial expression<3
Answer: my sexy smoker<3
Answer: Jensen
Answer: sexy RDJ
Answer: Marie Avgeropoulos
Answer: totally stunning
Answer: Chace sitting in a chair<3
Answer: amor his eyes
Answer: He's great at being sad
Answer: Paul,when he was younger<3
Answer: Travolta
Answer: Bastian
Answer: just skip to 2:05
Answer: Julian
Answer: Baptiste Giabiconi.
Answer: Matthew screaming at Rob Schneider after recognizin...
Answer: Zac
Answer: Alfred Enoch
Answer: Kellan standing on topo, início of a rock<3
Answer: Barrowbabe ;)
Answer: Matt Bomer anyone?
Answer: JB!
Answer: maybe Bill Kaulitz
Answer: does that count? it's the only one I have
Answer: Teddy wallpaper
Answer: here :)
Answer: I just go aleatório here
Answer: Little Matt using a pay phone. :)
Answer: jensen ackles
Answer: Misha has such pretty blue eyes!
Answer: RJ Mitte. so handsome
Answer: Ian♥
Answer: my Bowie Del Rey campaign
Answer: I Am What I Am edit.
Answer: Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester :)
Answer: Alex Pettyfer <3
Answer: Stephen Gately. An angel who's now flying with t...
Answer: Nothing is weird for John Barrowman but heres a pic...
Answer: kinda lol, I dunno why
Answer: Daniel Radcliffe in The woman in black
Answer: my Knepper cowboy
Answer: David
Answer: Scott Eastwood
Answer: ZAT LOOK!!
Answer: Noel Kahn from Pretty Little Liars. He's such an je...
Answer: ....
Answer: John Barrowman! Honestly, hes mais than just a "...
Answer: Awww 2 puppys!
Answer: the Bow
Answer: guess which one Rob is
Answer: a message for all Cult members xD
Answer: Chris Waltz
Answer: chin perfection<3
Answer: my beau
Answer: Jason Derulo.
Answer: sexy Bowie <3
Answer: cute Rob clapping
Answer: DB cool
Answer: :O
Answer: Mr Padalecki wearing a cinto, correia but i am so enjoying th...
Answer: Jensen wearing a black camisa
Answer: my pretty <3
Answer: Jar in the dark
Answer: Matthew wearing gray. :)
Answer: Sexy boy in leather
Answer: John Barrowman and James Marsters!
Answer: my sexy baby wearing a jaqueta with the colarinho, colar up<3
Answer: loved Roger shoes
Answer: cool Jar
Answer: *dead*
Answer: Jesse Lee Soffer
Answer: Xavier Dolan
Answer: my sexy MIB<3
Answer: amor him <3
Answer: Matthew not paying attention here. :)
Answer: John Barrowman.
Answer: Misha wearing his famous meia monkey hat!
Answer: John Barrowman♥
Answer: Courteney Cox wearing blue :)
Answer: Baby Jensen <3
Answer: Ashton on the movie "Spread"
Answer: Benny
Answer: pretty Ealy
Answer: Alex's blonde locks are simply stunning <3
Answer: Mariano Di Vaio
Answer: black his Leto's signature color<3
Answer: jesus
Answer: Justin lying in the sand (promo pic for "Aquaman")...
Answer: my red hot Robert with a red background<3
Answer: Tony in Dominion
Answer: Jamie and Dakota sharing a laugh from a photoshoot<...
Answer: dios mio<3
Answer: John Barrowmanana.
Answer: I found this
Answer: David and his daughter Lexie
Answer: Mitch Hewer!!
Answer: Colton :D
Answer: DB
Answer: Classic Brad Pitt <3
Answer: lol